Thursday, December 11, 2014

The denial of reality by Boxer and others

Tuesday morning, the ridiculous Barbara Boxer presented a fear-based, ahistorical view on violence which portrayed victims in Syria and while insisting Sunnis in Iraq had been shut out --at worst -- of the political process.

Yes, the killing of Sunnis is 'shutting them out of the political process.'

Of course, most of us just call that "killing."

But, in Barbara Boxer's trans-mesh suffering mind, Sunnis have suffered no violence and have not been targeted.

Barbara Boxer is rumored to have finally decided to stop running for the Senate.

Even if that's true, we're still stuck with her for two more years.

Haven't the Iraqis endured enough?

In what may be her final years in the Senate, she's riding war like it was a motorized dildo -- or at least a wall mounted one.

With Barack in the Oval Office, she's worked herself into an especial frenzy that's bordered on the profane for some time now.

But when she denies the very real suffering of Iraqis -- Sunnis and others -- in order to urge war on Syria, she's a public menace -- a danger to herself and others.

Until you admit what's happened in Iraq, especially what's been done to the Sunnis (most notably in the last four years, but actually since the 2003 invasion), you're never going to get to peace because you're lying and aiding the violence by doing so.

And that admission?

It also requires noting that the Iraqi military has, for the full year, been bombing civilians in Falluja intentionally and killing them while Nouri's militias have entered the city regularly also to kill civilians.

The Sunni complaint is not, "Our politicians didn't get the political committee assignments we wanted in Parliament!"  The Sunni complaint is that they're being disappeared in prisons and jails (without any charges against them or any court appearances) and they're being hunted down throughout Iraq.

Until you can get honest about that, you can't seriously address it.

There is no political solution with out addressing this.

The editorial board of Gulf News notes of the other Tuesday Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing:

It is unfortunate that US Secretary of State John Kerry spent his time in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, talking about military affairs and ignoring politics, as he addressed Congressional pressure to avoid an open-ended conflict in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. Kerry spoke in detail about the administration’s need to have the authority to use troops without too many restraints on the commanders on the field. To this end, he was willing to agree to a three-year limit (for the moment) but told the Senate committee that any new measure should not ban the use of American ground forces, or place a “geographic limitation” on the effort.

Barbara Boxer put on her combat boots this week, forgetting she served on the Foreign Relations Committee, not the Armed Services one.

She forgot to focus on political solutions or the need for them.

She just wanted to rant and rave about beheadings and how, as young Jewess in Brooklyn in the forties, she terrorized the borough by going after the biggest bully.

Outside of her bobby-soxed fantasies, Iraqis continue to suffer.

Alsumaria reports the corpse of 1 woman was found dumped northeast of Babylon, a battle in Hit has left an Iraqi brigadier general dead and eight other Iraqi military forces were left injured while  1 police officer was shot dead in Buhriz,

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