Friday, December 05, 2014

Thug Nouri forced to flee Lebanon

Nouri al-Maliki is the forever thug but former prime minister of Iraq who led the country into disarray and further violence by devoting his second term to targeting women, targeting Iraq's LGBTQ community, targeting religious minorities, targeting Sunnis and Kurds as well as Shi'ites who wouldn't worship him . . . 

Pretty much everyone who wasn't named "al-Maliki" was a target.

(In the summer of 2010, that even included his own Dawa political party.)

He hid his wife away because, some say, she was to much the visible expression of modernity at a time when he was courting Shi'ite fanatics bent on returning Iraq to an ancient past.  He hid his wife away, because, others say, he was embarrassed by her and didn't feel she had the 'beauty' required to be the wife of a prime minister.  He hid his wife away, still others say, because he was so busy with prostitutes and mistresses as he carried on a life Shi'ite fanatics who supported him would be forced to term "immoral."

Rumors never stop swirling around the man Bully Boy Bush forced off on Iraq in 2006 and that Barack insisted they suffer through for another four years in 2010.

Though many hoped the gallows immediately awaited Nouri as he was forced out of the post of prime minister, he instead became one of Iraq's three vice presidents.

This have left many to console themselves with the parody Arabic website that purports to be the online diary of Ahmed al-Maliki, the corrupt son of Nouri.  On the website, 'Ahmed' recounts one near death experience after another as he repeatedly almost chokes while going down on this man or that man.

But this week, it was more than parody sites filling those with a taste for justice with glee.

As Vice President Ayad Allawi met with various regional leaders, Nouri realized his sniping of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's meet up with leaders from Qatar and elsewhere just wasn't cutting it.

So he embarked on a whirlwind diplomatic tour of the region that ended sourly in Lebanon.

Iraq Times reports Nouri had to high tail it out of the country when he learned that an arrest warrant for his terrorist actions prior to becoming prime minister. Nouri took part in attacks on US facilities and Americans, yes.  But he did so much more in his many years in cowardly exile as he waited for someone to remove Saddam Hussein so he could return to Iraq.

Nouri's bombings in Beirut are the subject of the arrest warrant.

When his security detail was tipped off that the warrant was actually going to be executed, they whisked Nouri quickly from the country.

Nouri's embrace of terrorism throughout the 80s and the 90s should have given the US government pause about installing him in the first place.

But his well known paranoia was seen as a plus and an easy way to control him.

The end result is that two different administrations installed Nouri -- one Republican and one Democrat.

Both saw a terrorist as the 'answer' for Iraq.

And that goes a long, long way towards explaining why things went from awful to even worse during Nouri's second term.

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