Wednesday, December 03, 2014

No outrage still over Lebanon kidnapping a woman and her child

The United States government had a chance to stand for human rights and rule of law yesterday but yet again failed that test.  We're referring to the government of Lebanon kidnapping Saja Al Dulaimi and her child.

The woman is/was said to be one of the wives of Islmaic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi whom the US government has placed a $10 million wanted-dead-or-alive bounty on.  Was/is?

Her identity is already in doubt less than 24 hours after she's made the news cycle (and today would be the 11th day of her and her son being held hostage by the military of Lebanon).

The woman is still said to be an Iraqi citizen.  But the government of Iraq is saying she's the sister of Omar Abdul Hamid al-Dulaimi whom they already have in custody.

A Republican woman lost her job apparently last week for objecting to the sullen nature of two pampered teens who damn well should smile at every opportunity when a camera's around.  Yes, we're referring to the daughters of Precious O.

The Johnson girls were called ugly, made fun of in coded language when one of them was heavy 'dating' a gay man and much worse while their father was president.  We all made fun of the Nixon daughters -- myself included and Tricia's never stopped being a punch line.  The Ford boys got a little of it but not much -- maybe because they were males, maybe because the country was so glad to see Tricky Dick gone.  Amy Carter got it much worse than Chelsea Clinton when it came to remarks about her physical appearance.  The way it worked with the Reagan children was if you whored like Patti (I always hated Patti, most of who knew her on the left did) you were treated like a hero but if you were close to Ronald you were ridiculed (see Maureen, Michael and the undetermined -- in that era -- Ron -- whose sexuality was always in question by the press but rarely overtly).  Then came  the Bush children but they were already trainwrecks so let's ignore them.  Chelsea Clinton didn't suffer as the first child to be mocked and ripped apart by conservative radio but it was the first time the national press was aware of conservative radio.  (The feminist press knew the bullying ways of conservative radio -- and documented it -- long before Rush Limbaugh became a national fascination.)  The daughters of Laura Bush were mocked repeatedly and Jenna more so than her sister Barbara.  When Jenna, on a trip with her mother out of the country, emerged barefoot from a plane, it was commented on.

And should have been.

By the same token, if you're looking sullen, it's going to be commented on.

If your parent is elected president for at least four years -- possibly eight -- you are world ambassadors, so you smile when the camera's around.

You can't hack it your first year or two?

Fine, you're learning.

In your father's second term and you can't hack it?

You deserve all the criticism you get.

If Jenna Bush is stupid enough to disembark a plane overseas barefoot while on an official trip with her mother, it's going to be commented on -- especially by cultures who see it as an insult.

Two daughters who didn't want to be there, judging by their appearance, who thought they were too-cool-for-school?

It's going to be commented on.

But as always with Precious O, it was turned into something else by the likes of liars like Rachel Maddow.

Oh, it's never happened before!  Oh, oh!

Stop fingering yourself on MSNBC live, Rachel, no one needs to think of you having sex around the dinner hour.

But the thought that two pampered little girls who will go through life with every break in the world and with Secret Service that US taxpayers will be on the hook for for the rest of their lives need to smile for the camera when they're taking part in the photo op was somehow cause for despair among the so-called left for days and days.

But a woman is kidnapped by a government, her child is kidnapped as well, DNA is taken of her child without her permission and the reaction is silence?

Two spoiled brats don't mean a damn thing.

Two little princesses suffered a few verbal 'hard knocks.'

That enrages the American faux left.

Ignorant and uninformed they scream for days.

But when the rule of law is broken, when a woman is held by a foreign government, that's no reason to be upset?

AP reminds today:

But if she is indeed al-Baghdadi's wife, she could serve as a bargaining chip with Syria-based militants holding some 20 Lebanese security forces captured in a cross-border raid in August. Beirut has been under intense pressure from the families of the captured men to negotiate their release.

Could she be a bargaining chip?

Not only have they failed to prove who she is, they've failed to follow the rule of law.

The global acceptance of a woman who is charged with nothing and who, at best, is 'guilty' of being related -- by marriage or blood -- to someone else being held for no crime of her own is outrageous.

This actually matters.

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