Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great news for Supernatural fans (TV Now!)

No, not Felicia Day.  She returns to The CW's long running series Supernatural next Tuesday (the 27th).

But the good news is tonight is an all new episode of Supernatural.

The second hour of prime time.

And, if tradition holds, it will deliver huge ratings.

Because once a year every other network sends a number of viewers fleeing thereby bumping up the ratings for Supernatural.

We've documented it over and over in the Iraq snapshots.

Yes, it's time for that speech again.

And, every year, that speech helps pump up the ratings for Supernatural.

What will Barack say about Iraq?

For over a year now, Vivian Salama (AP) points out, the Islamic State has controlled Falluja.

Barack's sent US troops into Iraq and plans to send more.

Currently, they're just "advisors" and "trainers."

But, as we saw yesterday, those terms didn't prevent Canadian forces in Iraq from receiving and exchanging fire.

Add in that Barack sent Secretary of State John Kerry to the Congress last month to beg and plead for Barack to be able to send 'combat forces' into Iraq.

Will any of those realities be touched upon?

Probably not.

And the things various people will wet their pants over will be forgotten in a matter of months.

So why not check out Supernatural?

And, as you do, think about all the useless trash Tweeting and op-eding on American Sniper in outraged voices -- the same useless trash that can't object to US troops being sent back into Iraq, that can't object to the ongoing War Crimes, etc.

But they can obsess endlessly over a movie.


Because they're stupid and ignorant.

It takes not time at all for them to dust off their generic statements from years ago and offer them as 'proof' that they care about Iraq.

They don't.

They haven't followed what's taken place because they don't give a damn.

But they sure do feel important attacking a film, don't they?

Can't help the Iraqi people today, can't speak out against the attacks on civilians (by the Iraqi government) but they can use the time they might have written about Iraq to instead slam a movie.

They're so useless in their cesspool.

And by the way, there's something so hilarious about the Guardian pondering whether American Sniper is historically accurate.

The Guardian that helped sell Tony Blair's war because it's just a house organ for New Labour.  And that's why, please note, it was Rupert Murdoch's Times of London and not the 'blessed' Guardian that reported on the Downing Street Memos.  Not only did the Times break the story, the Guardian ignored it.  Repeatedly and consistently.

Now they're concerned about historical accuracy?

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