Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Totally expected -- Ramadi refugees and Hillary defenders

As the battle for Ramadi continues, the issues -- expected issues -- appear to be a surprise to the government of Haider al-Abadi.

Let's put on our thinking caps.

When you begin firing on a city, when combat takes place near/in a city, what is among the first things to happen?

Some civilians begin fleeing.

And that's what's happened with Ramadi.

And where do the families flee to?

  • Refugees were totally expected.

    Are we really supposed to believe that Haider al-Abadi was again -- again -- taken by surprise?

    Because it is also very easy to read this as yet another example of the targeting of the Sunnis.

    When Haider pulled this earlier, there was great outcry from all Iraqis -- including Shi'ites.  It was noted that Baghdad belonged to all and that Haider's actions were discrimination and possibly illegal.

    And yet, weeks later, he's doing it again.

     Yesterday, we noted Hillary's embarrassing answer on the question of Iraq.

    Today, there is this:

    This is why "Clinton needs to get asked Iraq question too" of last week wasn't quite analogous - she had an answer
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    Hillary had no answer and was asked this in 2008.  Part of the reason she wrote (badly) of Iraq in her most recent book was to avoid the question.

    So for Maggie Haberman to offer that 'judgment'?

    The New York Times should not allow her to cover the Clinton campaign.

    She's not reporting.

    And her Tweet reveals clear bias and ethical issues.

    Hillary's brief and superficial answer is not what satisfies a real journalist.

    That Maggie rushes to declare "case closed" goes to her inability to do her job in an objective and effective manner.

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