Monday, July 06, 2015

Are you lonely or pissed?

If so, feel free to e-mail:

I'm getting tired of liars who are also idiots and think, therefore, I must be one as well.

The person at that e-mail address has e-mailed seven 'warnings' where they pose as Yahoo! and tell me the public e-mail account's about to be closed.

This stunt has been pulled since 2008.

And all you have to do is hover with your mouse over the "YAHOO!" to find out the real e-mail address.

I've complained to Yahoo in the past and told them they needed to have something better than "report spam."

This is not about reporting spam. is someone who wants to take control of the Yahoo account.

That's a cyber crime and Yahoo should be paying attention to this but they don't give a damn.

So if you're lonely today and need someone to e-mail, drop a line to

Or, better yet, if you're pissed, sign them up for everything you can -- I'm sure they'd love porn, the sleazier the better.

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