Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Truth the western media misses day after day in Iraq

On 13th August 2015, the Iraqi government bombed the Fallujah Maternity and Neonatal Hospital, killing 31 people, including 23 women and children.
This incident was widely reported in the Western media; though the coverage was perhaps cursory and even dismissive by labeling it an “IS-held” hospital. Nevertheless, information about this atrocity was available to the Western world, as is information about the many similar atrocities committed by the Iraqi government since the start of their war against the Sunni uprising and the Islamic State in December 2013.
This was in fact the 40th time that the Iraqi government has bombed a hospital in Fallujah, and in Fallujah alone over 4,000 civilians have been killed and 5,200 wounded in the last 20 months of government attack.
The United States has also been complicit in these killings; first by shipping weapons to the Iraqi government to facilitate their internal repression of Sunnis, and then by reinitiating a campaign of airstrikes in the Sunni majority provinces of Iraq in August 2014.

The above is from Ross Caputi's "The battle for your hearts and minds in Falluja" (Medium.com).  Make a point to read the article in full and to share it with your friends.  It's doubtful you'll find a more important article on Iraq this week (or this month).

So many press liars offering so much copy and saying so damn little.

There's the lie that the protesters are treated well.

The lie that Haider al-Abadi's given them protection.

Tell it to the woman stabbed last Friday at the Baghdad protest.

Or tell it to the activists in Hilla.

  1. متظاهرو بابل ينزلون الى شوارع الحلة رغم اعلان فرض حظر التجوال من قبل القوات الحكومية التي اطلقت النار عليهم قبل قليل
  2. بابل: وصول آليات عسكرية إلى ساحة اعتصام الحلة يُشار الى ان القوات الحكومية اطلقت النار قبل قليل باتجاه المتظاهرين في المدينة؛لانهاء التظاهرة
  3. بابل: انباء عن سقوط قتلى وجرحى من متظاهري الحلة؛ جراء قيام القوات الحكومية باطلاق النار عشوائيا تجاه المتظاهرين العزل
  4. القوات الحكومية في الحلة تفرض حظرا للتجوال في المركز وتمنع الحركة كليا عقب اشتباكات مع المعتصمين امام المحافظة.

As Iraqi Spring MC explains in their Tweets, to stop the protests, first they tried to impose a curfew.  Then they began firing live ammo at the protesters.

Was it only three weeks ago that Haider -- after Ayad Allawi and others publicly called for the protesters to be respected and protected -- insisted that this was a democratic right?

When they thought they could use the protesters to front their political schemes, they were all for it.  But as their alleged 'reforms' grow ever more hollow, the protesters aren't just making demands, they're calling out the corrupt posing as reformers.

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