Friday, November 27, 2015

Rumors, like rulers, make bad lovers

Dropping bombs from war planes onto Iraq may have continued to yield results . . .

If "results," to you, means killing civilians.

National Iraqi News Agency reports 28 children are dead and five more injured from French war planes bombing eastern Mosul and hitting a school.  Middle East Eye insists that the strike never took place and that the reports are false -- it bases this on . . . no one on the ground in Mosul.

Germany wants to really get in on the destruction which is why Johannes Stern (WSWS) reports, "The German government has responded to the terrorist attacks in Paris and the escalating conflicts in the Middle East with a massive military build-up at home and abroad."

Instead of addressing realities, Russian media appears interested in demonizing Turkey.

While Turkey is not without its problems -- and Erdogan's stoked fear and rage and should be ashamed of himself for that alone -- Sputnik's 'report' claiming that Turkey's goal is to divide Iraq into 3 regions?

Common sense screams "NO!"

This would take the semin-autonomous KRG and make it fully autonomous.

That is something Turkey has long opposed believing it would result in encouraging Kurds in Turkey (not just PKK and PKK sympathizers) to demand an independent region in Turkey.

Reminder,  Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Hillary Ready" went up earlier today.

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