Sunday, December 06, 2015

Barack makes a fool of everyone -- including himself

So little tyke Barack spoke to the nation tonight.


It was only his third Oval Office address.

I guess an Oval Office address is better than a press conference, right?

Can't have Barack on prime time facing tough questions.

Can't have that.

It's amazing how when Bully Boy Bush went X months without a press briefing we were appalled on the left but we're more than fine with the lack of accountability on the part of Barack.

What did he say?

Nothing of any value.

A lot to scare any actually paying attention.

For example, let's note these bullet points the White House prepared.

President Obama's ISIL strategy abroad

That's how you defeat the Islamic State?

Only if you're an idiot.

Only if you're the dumbest ass in the world.

Only then would you believe that crap.

Barack's a failure.

He's a failure because he can't speak the truth, he's a failure because he can't speak up, he's a failure because he wanted the title of president but didn't want to do the work.

Over a year ago, June 19, 2014, Barack told the world a political solution was needed.

Now he's too chicken to even note that reality.

So he offers a lot of b.s. that's supposed to make him look tough but only makes him look pathetic.

The only way you defeat the Islamic State is by robbing it of is very reason for existence -- the persecution of the Sunnis.

In Syria, Sunnis are the dominant population but they're persecuted.

In Iraq, they're in the minority and they're persecuted.

The persecution is why the Islamic State got a foothold in both countries.

I'm not the mood for the garbage that passes as 'analysis' of the speech.

A lot of suck ups who are more vested in the myth of Barack than the safety of the people of the world.

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