Saturday, December 26, 2015

Don't You Dare Give This Book As A Holiday Gift

Jonathan Tasini notes his new book:

This Book Isn't For YOU or Your Friends...
Because if you buy this book as a holiday gift:
  • Someone reading it will believe in a political revolution, not the status quo;
  • Your mother might start thinking crazy thoughts like every person deserves free health care from cradle to grave;
  • Your spouse will start thinking we should break up the big banks;
  • Your best friend will say we need to guarantee every person the right to tuition-free college, and demand that that be paid for by Wall Street;
  • Everyone you send this book to will start marching in the streets for a $15-an-hour minimum wage;
And all sorts of other crazy ideas. So, be clear: if you'd rather not spread these ideas to your friends and family, do not buy this book as a holiday gift!  

But, okay, if I haven't convinced you yet that this is a very dangerous book to buy as we head into the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses, go ahead, buy it here.

(If you'd prefer something other than Amazon, here are other options)

It's 95 percent Bernie's words! The ultimate organizer's tool to spread #FeelTheBern!
Doing Teevee For Bernie
I've been doing a bunch of media as a surrogate for Bernie, including this one just the other day on CNN's New Day with Chris Cuomo.
Bulk Discounts As Well!

45% for 10-59 copies
50% for 60-180 copies (60 books = one case)
55% for 181-600 copies
60% for 601+ copies
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