Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hillary's eternal lies of the soul

  • How often have corporate journalists lamented US and UK 'terrorism' in Iraq, Libya, Syria? It's unthinkable. The word is packed with bias.

  • MEDIA LENS has a point.

    Meanwhile, have we all seen this?

  • For those who've forgotten, pressed on her "mistake" in voting for the Iraq War in recent months, Hillary has insisted she was tricked and failed by Bully Boy Bush.

    Gee, if I was tricked and failed by someone on something that took a nation into war, I don't think I could hug the man who tricked and failed me.

    But it's okay for Hillary because she's lied yet again.

    She wasn't tricked.

    He didn't fail her.

    She got what she wanted: ever lasting war.

    On MSNBC yesterday, Hillary returned to the topic of her voting for the Iraq War.

    Chris Matthews: Did you believe  [. . . ] did you ever believe that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons?

    Hillary Clinton:  I did.  

    Chris Matthews:  Who told you?

    Hillary Clinton:  I know at the end of the Clinton administration that there was a very strong sense that he was reconstituting his nuclear weapons program


    She was First Lady.

    No one was briefing her on issues like that.  She was a pawn to sell the administration's policies, she wasn't getting nuclear briefings.

    Pressed by Chris as to who told her that (after Chris notes the C

    Hillary Clinton: Well what was going on was a continuing intensive inspection program, remember Hans Blix?  And Hans Blix and his team of inspectors were trying to get to the bottom of this -- now here's what was misleading -- is that Saddam Hussein could have ended it immediately he could have said come anywhere, look anywhere, we have nothing  but he didn't choose to do that and so the inspectors were racing to get to all the sites that they were -- Remember that at the end of the first Gulf war we did find evidence of a nuclear weapons program [. . .]

    She still isn't answer Chris about who told her this.

    Did you notice?

    She tries to blame it on the CIA and Chris points out they never said that, "Well they led some people to believe that

    "What I have -- let me speak for myself --"

    But she never does, not to answer who told her this.

    She insisted,  "I believed George W Bush when he said we are going to let George W. Bush when he said we are going to let the inspectors finish their job."

    Again, why was she hugging and grinning on the man if he misled her.

    He didn't mislead her.

    She's just a liar.

    If she was put through the same process that she and others put women who stepped forward to complain about Bill Clinton, she'd be ripped to shreds.

    "He didn't let the inspectors finish and that's where I made a mistake," she insists.

    Quit your lying, Hillary.

    And did you come forward when the inspectors weren't allowed to finish?

    No, you didn't object.

    You didn't object once.

    You're a cheap liar.

  • What's wrong with Hillary? She says free college/healthcare is too expensive but not Iraq War & Wall St. bailout

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