Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Will Bill's inability to keep it in his pants harm Hillary?

In yesterday's snapshot, we noted:

Noted War Hawk and increasingly overweight politician Hillary Clinton has won at least three primaries tonight -- change that to apparently four.

But she's still the ugly War Hawk whose husband publicly cheated on her repeatedly.

And, yes, that is an issue.

Bill cheats.

It was one thing for her to stand by him as First Lady.

What would the world think of a president who allowed their spouse to cheat on them?

Again, Bill cheats.

This is not the past.

So, if Hillary gets the nomination and then the presidency, what happens when one of Bill's affairs explodes?

Does she walk away from him?

Or does she stand on the world stage humiliated -- the leader of the free world with egg on her face?

It's a question that has to be asked considering her marriage and what she would represent on the world stage.

Sorry if you can't deal with reality.

Even in 2008, when we supported Hillary's run, I didn't attack Todd S. Purdham or others for pursuing the angle of Bill sleeping around.

Because everyone knows he does.

Everyone knows.

And if she becomes president, there needs to be an action plan in place.

Something beyond:  Attack the woman he's slept with.

Hillary as president?

Humiliated (again) on the national stage?

She wouldn't be First Lady this go round.

She'd be expected to show strength.

She'd be expected to walk on him.

Is she prepared to do that?

(Some would shoot back, "Who isn't she prepared to throw under the bus?")

This is not about gossip.

Her husband cheated on her as governor of Arkansas.

He continued to cheat on her once he became president.

His indiscretions (at best) resulted in a national scandal.

They rubbed their tawdry lives in the face of America.

She's the one who keeps citing his two terms as proof of her credentials and what she'll do.

Well his first terms includes a lot of warts.

And of course, it helps to have so many whores.

Take THE NATION magazine.

For those who didn't know, from 2003 through 2006, the magazine was thriving and actually a profit making enterprise.

This despite some rather weak ass stands re: Iraq.

But then came the rise of Barack and the whoring never ended.


The rag that plays it all ways is in huge financial trouble.

This is an opinion journal.

It exists solely to shape opinion.

If you missed it, they are now charging people to read columns -- let's not pretend it's reporting -- at their site.

The entire point of THE NATION is to influence as many people as possible but now they've put up a pay wall (Katrina vanden Heuvel would insist that a few sprinkles are free each month).

This decision was made after she couldn't get her own version of TARP.

With the wealthy liberal community sick and tired of her, no one wanted to help her.

She's done too much damage.

Which includes destroying a radio program by taking it over and demanding that she and others be booked each week and then demanding that all guests be from THE NATION magazine.

(Katrina will know which former program I'm talking about but I'm obligated to the host not to out it publicly.)

Katrina can't get a bail out currently.

We are of two minds -- those of us who could help.

1) There's a group who feels the rag should be allowed to drop off the radar, that it's disgraced itself too many times since 2007 to be saved at this point.

2) There's the group that says let it sink a little further so that part of the deal made can be that Katrina vanden Heuvel has to depart the magazine (which would include a buy-out for the portion she owns).

Katrina's crimes are many.

Printing a known pedophile.  Refusing to support War Resisters.  (She whined that doing so could get the magazine in legal trouble.  Even at the most repressive period in the Bully Boy Bush days, I never knew anyone who believed that covering war resisters could result in jail time or the suspension of printing.)  Her self-glorification.

The last thing probably hurt her more than anything else because she's not attractive.  And she is befuddled when she speaks.  So to put her on the airwaves was always self-defeating.

Katrina's not proof that you can sleep your way to the top.  I still defend her on that.  She is, however, proof that you can use your grandfather's fortune to buy an unearned seat at the table and then proceed to trash the table so badly no one else wants to sit with you.

But let's not pretend it's just THE NATION.

THE PROGRESSIVE had to merge because it was in so much financial trouble (and, psst, the merger hasn't stopped the economic problems).  In 2008, Ruth Conniff wrote that attack on Hillary.  Remember?  Part of the push back after New Hampshire?

Yet now she's in charge of the rag and she's got nothing to say about Hillary.

Doesn't want to risk losing DNC funding.

There are no ethics among this crowd that produces radio and print.

They slam the corporate media but they're even worse because they pretend they have ethics when they have none.


A number of e-mails note how Hillary's vote for the Iraq War was such a big deal in 2008 but now isn't.

Yes, that is strange.

I could understand someone giving her the benefit of the doubt on that vote in 2008 (and I did) because we had nothing else to go on when it came to war.

But once she had her record in the current administration, there was no denying what she was and what she is.

I don't understand how anyone can embrace that.

And for one e-mailer who says, "But you supported her in 2008!"

Check the archives.  By 2010, we were calling her out for a lack of inspector general for the State Dept (there was not one for her entire term as Secretary of State), we were calling her out for her refusal to tell Congress what State's plan was for Iraq or to explain their budget request and by the time of her infamous appearance before Congress, in my report on that day she appeared, I noted I could not support if she ran in 2016.

She is vile.  She is disgusting.

And this from someone who had kind thoughts of her in the nineties.

Her term as Secretary of State was nothing more than selfies and self-promotion on the plus side and destruction and death on the minus.

She has no record to run on and others can shred their ethics but we made it through 2008 with ours intact, we made it through (nearly) two terms of the Cult of St. Barack with our ethics intact.

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