Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Another US service member killed in Iraq

US President Barack Obama was just the candidate for the Democratic Party's 2008 presidential nomination when he promised to end the Iraq War, if elected, in 16 months.

It would, he insisted, be the first thing he started upon being sworn in.

The Iraq War didn't end in April of 2010.

He lied.

He then did a drawdown -- which is not the same as a withdrawal.

Another lie.

In 2014, as his mistakes (such as backing Nouri al-Maliki -- see yesterday's snapshot) further inflamed Iraq, he announced a small number of trainers would be going to Iraq.

But they would not be "boots on the ground" and US troops would not be in combat.

Of course they would.

The US bombs Iraq daily.

The US service members flying those missions are flying combat missions.

But still The Cult of St. Barack held to their myths and fantasies and insisted that there would be no ground combat.

Reality has a tendency to slap the grossly stupid in the face.

That's the sound you're hearing this morning.

REUTERS reports, "A member of the US armed services has been killed in northern Iraq, the country’s defence secretary, Ash Carter, said."

Barbara Starr (CNN) adds, "There's no word on any Americans wounded."

RUDAW reports, "Military sources in the area told Rudaw that the incident happened in the vicinity of Tel Skuf, about 28 kilometers north of Mosul. The body of the dead soldier was retrieved by a US helicopter, military sources on the scene said. "

STARS AND STRIPES adds, "It comes as the U.S. steps up its campaign against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, where the U.S. now has several thousand troops deployed to support Iraq security forces and other partners on the ground."

There is a growing disconnect in the US among the young and the rest of the population.

By the young, I don't mean Barack's college supporters in 2008.

Grow up, Cult, you're old folks now.

And there's a younger group behind you.  Eight years younger.

And they're disgusted with you (and those older than you).

They read the rhetoric, they've seen the clips, they know how you were going to end the Iraq War and threw in with Barack to do just that.

Most important, they know how you lied and whored for the last 8 years to pretend your personal savior delivered.

When he didn't.

Barack, in the 2008 general election, needed every vote possible.

And a lot of 'media types' and 'little heroes' were deployed to grab votes for Barack.

They do not have standing with today's college set.

Because they've whored and lied for 8 years and these acts have been witnessed.

Amy Goodman and her ilk are mocked on college campuses -- rightly so.

So here's the thing, if Barack needed every vote in 2008, a Hillary nominee would need it even more so.

And there's no one left for you to deploy.

No one's stood strong or truth told.

They've made fools of themselves.

Part of Bernie Sanders' popularity on campuses has had to do with the hypocrisy in this country and the disgust over it.

Bernie was smart to bring up Iraq as often as he has.

It fuels his base because here is something that the left protested massively up until the last big one in January 2007.  (Non-leftists also protested but I'm focusing on the left for this entry.)

It fuels the base because they look at footage and photographs of that 'resistance' to the Iraq War and ask what the hell happened?

Celebrities who attached themselves to that war are mocked.

And not just the Toby Keiths who supported it but the Jane Fondas who grandstanded on it and made public promises that they'd keep protesting until the Iraq War was over.

Jane's not protested once in eight years.

She's a joke.

Her words of support for Hillary?

They may move 70 year olds who have had extensive plastic surgery -- they may not -- but they will not move the Bernie crowd.

There is a very real division.  It's a hard division.

And it's only going to get worse.

From Sunday's "Roundtable" at THIRD:

Kat: And, sorry Hillary, Iraq is still a very key issue.  We're on campuses -- Wally, Ava and C.I. and me -- and we're speaking to the students across the country.  Rage at the Iraq War has vanished among the whorish 'little' media -- THE PROGRESSIVE, THE NATION, etc -- but it's a fireball on campuses.

Wally: Yeah, it is.  Kat's exactly right.  It pops up, the topic, and it ignites a firestorm.  I'd argue that the college students right now are more appalled by the Iraq War than I was a few years ago when I was in college and Bully Boy Bush was in the White House.  The fact that it hasn't ended and the fact that it's now truly a bi-partisan war?  That really sets students off.

Kat: And Hillary co-signs that war.  Even today, she co-signs it.

Ty: I think the Democratic Party's going to very surprised about the bad will they will have created for several election cycles by selecting Hillary and not Bernie.  I think they will run off a lot of young voters.

Jim: Where to?

Ty: Some will go Green or Libertarian.  I think a lot will just either reject party labels or not vote at all.

Rebecca: I could see that.  Especially the not vote at all.  The Democratic Party looks like the biggest hypocrite and whore in the world.  All that posturing against Hillary in 2008 only to embrace her eight years later? 

The Democratic Party is yet again playing short-sighted as it rushes to crown Hillary.

There is a life beyond this election cycle -- something the James Carvilles long ago forgot.

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