Thursday, July 07, 2016

Blair thinks he can argue with reality

War Criminal Tony Blair cannot face reality or else still thinks he can manhandle reality and force it to his will.

He's wrong.

BBC NEWS reports he says the world is better off because of the Iraq War.

Is Iraq better off?

The over a million Iraqis killed since 2003?

The countless left injured?

The estimated 8 million turned into external refugees and forced to flee their own country?

The civilians remaining who live under a corrupt and unresponsive government?

Terrorism throughout the world -- check the State Dept's official figures -- has vastly increased since the Iraq War began.

So the world's better off?

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has split into two branches -- the deniers who still cling to Tony and the ones wise enough to realize that Tony is an anchor around the party.

So is his political party better off?

The 'special relationship' between England and the United States that began with Tony and Bill Clinton is now a mockery on both sides of the Atlantic.

Is that better off?

What about the service members that were sent into Iraq by their governments?

They lost time with family and friends, are they better off?

Some lost limbs or abilities, are they better off?

The signature wounds of the Iraq War are Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress.

Are veterans (and some civilians officials) suffering from that better off, Tony Blair?

And what of the dead?

And what of those fallen veterans' families and friends, are they better off?

Danny Fitzsimons is a British citizens in an Iraqi prison.

Why isn't Tony Blair in there as well?

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