Monday, August 22, 2016

Democracy would be great if only it weren't for the people?

On MSNBC's MORNING JOE today, Mika returned to the cat litter box where she made clear that, like her father, she has some really strange and twisted ideas of what constitutes a democracy.

The Republican Party, she insisted, had to purge itself of its members.

How would it then be a political party?

Mika didn't know and didn't care.

Fortunately, a guest corrected her that the reason Donald Trump had found support was because of a feeling that the GOP had become more insiderish and less of the people.

The notion flew over Mika's tiny bird brain.

The guest pointed out that what the party had to do was actually reach out to these members.

Mika just looked irritated as if to say, "Democracy would be great if only it weren't for the people."

Why MSNBC thinks they can fly the flag while also featuring talk show hosts with contempt for democracy is a question no one's ever managed to answer.

After you got past Mika, maybe you noticed that MORNING JOE, like US President Barack Obama, apparently feels no need to travel to Louisiana -- a state devastated by flooding?

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