Saturday, August 27, 2016

Instead of a Wall Street bailout, how about a real stimulus package prioritizing student debt?

Jill Stein is the Green Party's presidential candidate.

  • Glad to hear that at , you can use bathrooms that align with your identity. Now repeal & pass national LGBTQIA+ protections. ✊🏽💜
  • The 15% threshold is only one example of the commission’s establishment-party favoritism.
  • The people who brought you this dank meme that made me giggle are now on Twitter. Follow !
  • The youngest Native American generations are fighting a pipeline to preserve their land for the next
  • The flood victims of Louisiana need you. Contribute or volunteer:
  • Unike , I think it is time to vote for the best candidates on climate action and other green issues. Vote for a
  • Instead of a $1 trillion Wall Street bailout, how about a real stimulus package prioritizing ?
  • You can list your events on my website to attract volunteers and supporters:
  • Friends of the Earth founder David Brower said Clinton/Gore did more environmental damage in their first 3 years than Reagan/Bush did in 12.
  • All 3 corporate parties say I'm taking "their" votes. So they're entitled to your vote? Votes are earned, not owned.
  • Imagine a healthcare system that values human life over profits for CEOs. Wait - you don't have to.
  • My heart goes out to victims. I wish you a quick recovery. ❤️✌🏾🇮🇹
  • It’s a national scandal that so many of our are living Peter’s story:
  • The majority of Americans want a choice outside the establishment picks.
  • CNN asked me about vaccines, WiFi, GMOs, & if I'm "anti-science". Read & judge for yourself!