Saturday, September 17, 2016

58% of Americans support a single payer health care system

Jill Stein is the Green Party presidential candidate:

  1. Fed up with the rigged political system? Want real democracy? Stand w/ me for !
  2. The Occupy movement demanded justice + power for the 99%. The Green Party keeps it going at the ballot box. Vote for a .
  3. Get me onto w/ to set the record straight. Almost 20k signatures:
  4. The will create 20M living-wage jobs and get the U.S. off fossil fuels for a just, compassionate society.
  5. And, in case there's any doubt, that candidate is .
  6. Gore lost his home state + 300k Dems in Florida voted for Bush. No one can "spoil" a weak candidacy, .
  7. We've gotten 100,000 signatures. Add your name to this petition for .
  8. She's here!!! takes the stage at the March for in Red Bank!
  9. Democracy demands hearing from more than the establishment picks.
  10. Let's provide grants and low-interest loans to local green businesses + coops to keep wealth circulating in the community.
  11. Ask me and questions through Facebook during our Forum Monday w/ .
  12. Our campaign is hiring! Deadlines are coming up:
  13. Call debates commission member Jane Harman, president of , at 202.691.4202. Ask for !
  14. For , tweet at me w/1-minute videos about what you could do if we cancelled student debt!
  15. Today, we are raising $1M to . Help us blast through establishment ceiling:
  16. The supports workers to form unions, achieve workplace democracy + keep a fair share of the wealth they create.
  17. Five years since a group who stood for the 99% occupied the source of the 1% on . Happy birthday, .
  18. Al Gore lost his home state and 300,000 Dems in Florida voted for Bush. Spoilers don't exist. Weak candidates do.
  19. Unfortunately, we can't find a photo of debates commission member John Griffen. Maybe you can!
  20. It's time to . Are you in? Sign up to join us on September 26th in NY:
  21. Alabama declares state of emergency over fuel shortage from pipeline spill but not environmental damage?
  22. 58% of Americans support a single payer health care system. In 2008, 60% opposed bailing out big banks. Retweet if you're ready to be heard.
  23. My VP running mate has taken the stage in Baltimore, watch live now!
  24. I'm live in Baltimore with & local Greens! Up next: . Watch at
  25. Here's how candidates plan to address police violence.
  26. Thanks for calling us out. It’s important not to erase the history of black slaves & others forced to migrate to US.
  27. Except Native Americans & those who were forced here, we are all immigrants. Justice demands a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants.
  28. The more HRC's Super PACs spend trying to bully people into failed 2-party system, the more it'll strengthen our will to
  29. Over half your income taxes go to military spending & war. Cut that by 50% & we can pay for healthcare & higher education as human rights.
  30. just goes to show that some of the best things in life are green.
  31. Send and YOUR questions for the
  32. Corporate political & media establishment is trying to manufacture consent for the least liked/trusted candidates ever. Stand up & say no!