Thursday, September 15, 2016

No, silence is not an option

Yesterday's snapshot resulted in a few 'poor Jane Fonda' e-mails.

Poor Iraqi women, poor Iraqi children, poor Iraqi people.

I'll nod along with that.

I'm not going to fret over someone who can't keep their promises.

No one forced her, in 2007, to get on stage and give a speech at the January rally against the Iraq War in DC.

In fact, why was she speaking?

Susan Sarandon?

Okay, Susan had spoken out and been attacked for it.

So had many others.

But Jane wasn't really speaking out at that time.

There she was hogging attention as always -- it's sad when you become your MAD parody -- making the event about her.

"Silence is not an option."

Do you know how many Iraqis have e-mailed about that line alone?

And they ask why did she bother to give a speech in January 2007 when she never spoke out again?

It's a good question.

No, I don't fret over Jane.

Silence is not an option.

But it's the option Jane's taken to avoid calling out Democrats.

Tuesday, Barbara Starr (CNN) reported:

The Pentagon is in the preliminary stages of discussing whether to send more Special Operations forces to advise and assist Iraqi forces as the two countries get ready for the assault to retake Mosul from ISIS, CNN has learned.

Where's Jane?

Oh, that's right, trying a new wig as she re-teams with the wig wearing Robert Redford.

She's older than Katharine Hepburn was in ON GOLDEN POND so maybe they should call their online film OLD GEEZERS?

I don't like Robert Redford and as Elaine said on the phone to me yesterday, this is about Natalie isn't it?

Yeah, Natalie Wood was a friend.

And Redford would have no career if it weren't for Natalie.

Not only was she responsible for his first serious role but she also made sure they didn't fire him.

Bobby Redford didn't want to play gay.

Even though that's the character he signed on for.

So he had his hissies on the set and Natalie -- a real star -- stuck by him.

And then when she was ready to get back into films -- after taking time out to raise her daughters -- she was shocked that Redford wouldn't do a damn thing.  He wouldn't cast her in his films.

He begged her to do a cameo while she wasn't acting but when she returned to acting he acted like he didn't know her.

So Jane and Robert reteaming probably didn't help.

But it was that awful piece on Syria -- propaganda to start a war -- at MS. yesterday that really was the last straw.

I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of the fakes.

Jane can and does support Hillary because neither woman's a feminist -- both have put themselves at the center of 'feminist theory.'

Their success -- and victimization -- becomes a feminist fable in their minds.

Feminist is about women.

Jane's done nothing for women.

For a woman to direct has always been a big deal in TV and film in the US.

Jane did nothing to help women direct in TV or film.

From 1982 to 1983, 26 episodes she produced of the TV show 9 TO 5 featured zero women directing.

Despite the fact that MTM and other outlets were using women like Joan Darling, women who made real marks, back in the 70s.

Jane's basically a feminist whenever she's breaking up with a man -- Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, Ted Turner --  and needs to give interview after interview explaining how she was victimized.

Or when she decides to have more plastic surgery and needs to then explain to the world that she did because of the way women are conditioned by society.

Didn't she make that 'discovery' following a slide show Tom Hayden exhibited before the two got involved?

It's strange that she'd have repeatedly 'discover' this over the years.

But Hillary's made feminism about 'support me, vote for me' and that fits in with Jane's limited view as well.

I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of Bill Clinton doing something like calling Condi Rice a "girl" in public remarks yesterday.

Rice is a woman -- a point Betty and Stan both rightly made last night -- they are the first two in the list of community sites below:.

  • It is sexist and racist for Bill Clinton to call former Secretary of State Condi Rice a "girl."

    She is 61-years-old and there's no excuse for it.

    He had no reason to bring her up to begin with.

    But to belittle her with "girl"?

    This is what happens with silence.

    And this is why silence is not an option.

    And as Robert Parry pointed out in a piece at CONSORTIUM NEWS yesterday, we're seeing the same build up of lies right now about Russia that we saw with Libya and with Iraq.

    But Jane's silent on that too.

    Is it the sixties all over again for Jane?

    Is she dropping to the floor scared like when she visited Russia with Vadim?

    Why can't she speak out?

    Because she's a coward.

    I don't have time for cowards.

    Or as Michelle Pfeiffer says in THE RUSSIA HOUSE, "I hope you are not being frivolous, Barley.  My life only now has room for the truth.."