Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fan club membership is not activism

Voting for Hillary means this is OK: The vote for the Iraq War, prosecuting whistleblowers, sell fracking worldwide + rigging a primary.

And the reason you've arrived at Hillary is lesser of two evil-ism voting.

That's why most Democratic politicians now are too the right of Richard Nixon.

You've surrendered every belief you ever had.

Maybe you cried for a tiny moment like Gloria Steinem in Miami but you were back four years later (like Gloria Steinem was) telling everyone to stop talking about women's rights and do what's right for the party.

You've capitulated and compromised to the point that the Democrats and the Republicans have become the same basic party.

You've indulged in fantasy politics pretending that Al Gore would never, ever have started the Iraq War if he'd been president.

Libertarian Matt Welch has a great post at REASON debunking that wet dream.

And then you've joined in attacking Ralph Nader who 'dared' to run for election as though that were a crime.

You've whined that he 'stole' votes instead of demanding that the Democratic Party move to the left where it belonged.

You've played rally 'round the Dem regardless and the usual result there is losing.

Which is why John Kerry lost in 2004.

Barack won because he was someone a lot of people wanted to vote for -- not due to politics but because he was "articulate" (Joe Biden) or made a voter feel good about themselves or anything that didn't have to do with reality.

Iraq War.

He was for it.

You could lie to other people but you couldn't lie to me on that, Elaine and I were face to face with him when he said it no longer mattered because the US was at war.

And he has not brought peace -- not even in Iraq.

He's added US troops and added US troops.

Samantha Power, we can now all agree, is not a face of peace.

Though Davy D certainly thought so, didn't he, whining on air in 2008 about poor "Samantha Powers" -- couldn't even get her name right but he knew best.

You've lied and whored to yourselves for so long that this is the party you end up with.

You kid yourselves that Donald Trump is a racist, not Hillary and that means vote for Hillary!

But Hillary sold the gutting of government assistance when she was First Lady and she was against marriage equality until mere moments ago and she popularized the racist term "super predator."  And of course, she has supported racist military actions that have resulted in the deaths of millions.

The Democratic Party has sold out to the corporate interests and no longer just rejects FDR but now even LBJ's Great Society programs.

And you think Goldwater Gal Hillary is your answer?

She's picked her own personal Liberman as her running mate.

Some are saying/whining that abortion wasn't discussed in the debate.

I believe that's because most of the press considers that a topic for the vice presidential debates due to whom Hillary picked as a running mate.

Vote for who you want.

But stop lying to yourself that you're ever going to hold anyone accountable for their actions -- anyone in power.

Tom Hayden said we couldn't hold Barack accountable in the primaries of 2008, we had to wait until he got the nomination, then Tom said we had to wait until he got in the White House and then, for eight years in the White House now, Tom's never held him accountable.

You fool yourself with lies about the 'progressive' Elizabeth Warren or that this person's going to save you but you vote repeatedly against your own interests -- while whining that Republican voters are stupid for voting against their own interests.

You're such whores at this point that you are obsessed with where Donald Trump stood on the Iraq
War when you know exactly where Hillary stood: For it.

She voted for it.

Bob Graham warned her, Ted Kennedy warned her, but she voted for it.  Bob begged her to read the intelligence briefing but she wouldn't read it.

But she would vote for it.

And now, as if this will excuse her support for the Iraq War, her fan club insists Donald Trump wasn't against it until 2004!!!!!

If he was against it in 2004, that's still three years prior to her waking up publicly.

You have become the most uninformed segment in the Untied States.

You're like Jane Fonda during her pathetic marriage to Tom Hayden.

Not only are you tolerating the cheating and your husband using your money to conduct a poll to see if you're a political liability (and making fun of your small breasts and comparing you negatively to Jessica Lange) but you're rushing to a pay phone repeatedly (that's all your Democratic Party organs are) to ask, to implore, to beg,  "What's our position!!!"

You have to do that because you're not smart enough to know where you stand on your own.

If you doubt it, ask yourself why Hillary's Iraq War vote was so toxic to you in 2008 but you're now going to vote for her?

I'm not asking you to vote for anyone.

I am asking you to wake up before you completely destroy the country.

(That's not saying, "Vote for ____!!!!!"   This election will not destroy the country no matter who wins.  But continuing to lie to yourself and continuing to sell out your own beliefs in the coming years, surely will.)

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