Monday, September 05, 2016

Talking post

The Twitter.

The useless crap from America's great useless.

Except that he lied about Iraq's WMDs to US Senate, and now is lying about advising Clinton to use private email.

Lee in Iowa is a  idiot who proudly flaunts the stupidity.

Colin Powell didn't lie about Iraq's WMDs to the US Senate.

He testified to the United Nations.

How stupid do you have to be all these years later not to know that.

We covered it here.

Ava and I covered it when Colin tried to will it away in an interview with 'mother confessor' Barbara Walters (see 2005's "TV Review: Barbara and Colin remake The Way We Were" at THE THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW).

Really how stupid do you have to be?

What's even sadder is this Lee presents herself as educator.

What she educates people on is how damn little Hillary Cultists care about Iraq.

They don't even grasp that Colin presented the lying presentation to the United Nations.

That's just how stupid they are and how damn little they care about Iraq.

They are so far worse than the Save Darfur crowd -- remember those imperialists crying for war.

They know nothing about anything.

But, goodness, do they love to Tweet.

Ask them about the persecution of the Sunnis and they look at you blankly, completely unaware of what's taken place for about a decade now in Iraq.

They have no clue.

And it's not that hard to find out what's happening in Iraq.

Massacre IRAQ Anbar Iraqi Sunni civilians killed by Shia Militias backed by Iraqi Gov.

But they don't really care about Iraq.

They don't want to know about it.

It's hard to cheer for Hillary and care about Iraq, after all.

She's the Queen of the Neocons and she did her to start the illegal Iraq War.

So her supporters blather on.

I find it hilarious how they rushed to defend her in their attacks on a NYT reporter today.

The woman is so far up Hillary's ass and her Tweet on Hillary was not controversial.

But there was the cult taking their march orders from Princess Paul Krugman.

He's left to them, he's the height of leftness.

Of course, he's the whore who lamented the passage of the 50s . . . just in time for the anniversary of the execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

Paul Krugman's a fraud and an ass.

And now his marching orders are used against NYT reporters.

Maybe it's time for the paper to remind Paul he was hired to write about economics?

He never had the bravery to call out the Iraq War the way Maureen Dowd did.

And let's not forget that Mr. Whitness was among the many who felt the death of Coretta Scott King wasn't worth commenting on.

But then why would he?

MLK and Coretta refused to carry the water for a political party or to act as if illegal war was okay when one political party carried it out.

No doubt that -- right after skin color -- was their greatest offense to Paul Krugman.

It's past time that these 'liberal' geniuses were called out for the trash that they actually are.

Paul Krugman's done nothing to help anyone but himself.

He is the epitome of a DLC economist.

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