Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Both corporate parties would sell out our children's future to make their big donors richer

Jill Stein is the Green Party presidential candidate.

  1. Fed up with the rigged political system? Want real democracy? Stand w/ me for !
  2. . was also arrested in 2012 for "trespassing" to help protesters stop another oil pipeline: Keystone XL
  3. if we let this happen it will keep happening. Please support our tribes.
  4. Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka Wanted in North Dakota for Resisting the Corporate Oligarchy
  5. It is undemocratic to exclude me and Gary Johnson from presidential debates |
  6. Both corporate parties would sell out our children's future to make their big donors richer. Enough.
  7. It is our role to resist when we see injustice!
  8. Wherever you live in this country, democracy demands that the people have a say in the affairs of their land...
  9. Trump 2016: sending troops to die is biggest decision. 2002: Howard Stern asks if he supports Iraq War: "Yeah... I guess so."
  10. So thinks women should expect to be sexually assaulted in the military? Shameful.
  11. The solution for veterans is describing is a socialized healthcare system. Great idea!
  12. Has anyone noticed that is obviously making up his immigration policy as he goes?
  13. Trump keeps talking about how dumb our foreign policy is, and yet he can't say a single thing about what he'd do different.
  14. Forget broadcasting to the enemy what your plan is, , and tell US what your plan is. If you have one.
  15. Trump says "to the victor go the spoils". So first he pretends to oppose the Iraq War, now he says we should take their oil?
  16. Donald Trump sounds completely paranoid. Russian planes flying circles around our planes - really?
  17. Clinton-backed wars in Iraq and Libya are what created ISIS and made it stronger. More of the same will keep backfiring.
  18. The best way to prevent PTSD among our troops is to stop sending them to fight in wars for oil, .
  19. In 2015 when Clinton was asked what enemy she was most proud of making, she said "the Iranians". Ready for war with Iran?
  20. Hillary Clinton claims foreign powers hacked DNC, yet her private server was completely safe? That doesn't compute.
  21. What we want in a Commander in Chief is not someone who drags US into reckless wars like Iraq and Libya, .
  22. I hope ND presses charges against the real vandals who bulldoze sacred burial sites.
  23. . has spoken about , yet we don't hear solutions about an issue that has riled people for months.
  24. I . The eliminates the need for pipelines that carry dirty fossil fuels.
  25. Before I left the frontline, I had to expression my admiration for the unity on display.
  26. Peace doesn't come with more spending on the military. We need to re-think our role in the world.
  27. The Dakota Access Pipeline is vandalism on steroids.
  28. Here are indigenous voices from the frontline. People are more important than profit.
  29. Trade deals are designed for corporate profiteering. The is all about people + planet + peace over profit.
  30. The TPP is NAFTA on steroids. Stop it before it's too late.
  31. TOMORROW: I'm holding a rally in ! RSVP:
  32. Standing up for justice takes courage. Thank you, .
  33. Energy comes in many forms. Water does not.
  34. Always we must stand against the impacts of imperialism. Humbled to witness and resist
  35. . and take money from Big Oil and its employees? Not surprised.