Monday, October 10, 2016


Sunday night, the duopoly allowed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to debate.

To recap: the GOP nominee chided Goldman Sachs, denounced the Iraq/Libya wars, reprimanded the Gulf States, and called for detente w/ Russia

While Hillary tried to insist that the WikiLeak of her private speeches -- she was talking about the movie LINCOLN to them.

Because, of course, Hillary is a well known film reviewer.

You can find her movie musings in every issue of NEOCON WEEKLY -- right under the poll for which war they should start next.

And Hillary touted her record throughout the debate.

HRC's signature initiatives as US senator from New York included the Iraq War, regulating video games, and criminalizing flag burning.

Hillary supported the Iraq War.

Championed it.

Her failure to read the intelligence on it before she voted for it (or, apparently, after) isn'tan issue.

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