Sunday, November 27, 2016


‘An example should be set’: Tony faces new charges in Parliament for ‘misleading’ UK over Iraq

Yes, it should.

Apparently, only the United Kingdom can do so, however.

And in Iraq, the Mosul operation continues.  Day 41.

It's a slog.

AP reports:

Doctors in the main hospital treating trauma victims from the battle for Mosul say they are overflowing with casualties, both civilians and soldiers. Speaking late Sunday, Dr. Marwan Ghafuri of the West Irbil Hospital said the location, the main triage center for trauma cases from Iraq’s second-largest city, is seeing 100 to 150 patients daily.


Someone thinks so.

Reality argues otherwise.

Ewan MacAskill (GUARDIAN) notes that British Major-General Rupert Jones is insisting "we have got to then have is patience."


How much patience are we supposed to give the War Hawks like Tony Blair, Bully Boy Bush, Hillary Clinton, John Howard and others who brought the world the Iraq War?

Last time I checked, the war was in year 13.

RUDAW reports:

All Mosul refugees at the Iraq-Syria border crossing where several had died of the cold have been evacuated and brought to a camp in Syria, the UN’s refugee agency reported on Saturday.

“2,458 people have now been moved from Rajm Slebi border crossing point to Al Hol camp north-east Syria,” the UNHCR stated on their website. The number includes 2,031 Iraqi refugees and 427 displaced Syrians.

“The crossing point, which is not an environment where humanitarian agencies can adequately meet people’s protection and humanitarian assistance needs, is now empty.”

At least four people, including three children, died in the cold at the border crossing his month. 

Guess those four who died didn't have the patience that the British general feels is so important.

It's amazing the world puts up with this crap.

The war is not ending.

The Iraqi government is not addressing the issues that gave rise to the Islamic State.

And Barack is dry humping the Shi'ite militias because just maybe they might help him score a late 'victory.'

Doesn't matter that they carry out War Crimes.

Doesn't matter that they kill civilians.

It's all about the hail mary in his final weeks as president.

It's this same attitude, by the way, that led him to insist that the Iraqi voters be ignored in 2010 and that thug Nouri al-Maliki get a second term.

That decision destroyed Iraq further.

So will Barack's decision to go along with the normalization of the Shi'ite thugs (militias) being brought into the armed forces.

"Legal protection granted to those carrying out War Crimes" noted the Shi'ite push in Parliament to make these thugs part of the armed forces.

REUTERS notes, "Iraq’s sectarian political leaders have plunged back into a dispute over the status of Shiite armed groups, undermining efforts to reunite the country . . ."

Tamer El-Ghobashy and Ali A. Nabhan (DOW JONES) report:

The legislation legally empowers the militias and makes them ultimately answerable to Iraq's prime minister, but it also allows groups that have been accused of abuses against Sunnis to maintain command structures separate from the nation's police and military.
The move raises questions of who will oversee the militias on the battlefield and feeds into criticism from Sunnis that such divisions threaten to partition the country along sectarian lines.


That this even happened goes to the lack of diplomatic effort in Iraq on the part of the US government.

Barack will waste millions -- and has -- bombing Iraq and training Iraqi fighters (and retraining them and retraining them and retraining them and . . . ) but no one will do a damn thing to address the real issues that gave rise to the Islamic State.

I'm traveling in some vehicle
I'm sitting in some cafe
A defector from the petty wars
That shell shock love away
-- "Hejira," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her album of the same name

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