Saturday, November 26, 2016

Standing Rock

Some Standing Rock Tweets:

The U.S. Army Corps just ordered activists to leave their camp by Dec 5 or be arrested. It's part of a historical pattern:
Trespassing on Your Own Land

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  2. Moving testimony from native American veteran who has joined the water protectors at .

  1. Hundreds of Veterans Heading to Standing Rock to Defend DAPL Protesters from Police via

  1. This outrageous attack could only happen under ! Damn that election! We miss ! 😂😳

  2. This evil outrage could NEVER happen under ! Damn that President !

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  1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe official response to ACOE saying it plans to close camps:
  2. Takesgiving ...After XGiving, American Indian Heritage Day, the ACOE states forceful removal the Standing Rock Camp
  3. I'm sorry, but WTF is a "free speech zone"?? I thought that was the United States.

  4. BREAKING: Army Corps of Engineers Says It Will Close Down Standing Rock water protectors camp as of December 5th

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  6. EXPOSED: Oil Police Lies About Maiming Sophia Wilansky's Arm
  7. Full update on the state of Standing Rock from Pass around the donation link at your table:

  1. Police From Two States Leave Standing Rock, Refuse To Return
  2. I liked a video from My Prayer For Standing Rock
  3. No war in america. Nothing2C here. Move along. Shoo! Ur not supposed2B seeing this. Media don't u dare cover this.

  4. HOPE IS . Humanity needs you now more than ever Please don't abandon us.

  1. This video from Standing Rock made me cry.
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  3. sfchronicle: festivities on Alcatraz show spiritual connection to protests. via c…
  4. Thousands of veterans are traveling to North Dakota to support the Standing Rock... by via

    Veterans Plan To Travel To Standing Rock
    Hundreds of veterans are planning to travel to Standing Rock to be on the front lines with the water protectors.
  5. Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at by Dec. 5: (From )
  6. South Dakota Radio Station to Broadcast Standing Rock Benefit Concert With Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt

  1. Obama plans to evict water protectors from camp.
  2. Obama Administration Evicting Standing Rock Water Protectors As Veterans Set To Arrive [Opinion]