Sunday, November 06, 2016

War and the war supporter

20 days after it began, the battle for Mosul still continues.

  1. Mosul battle rages ISIS bombings in Iraq kill 20

BBC NEWS notes the "slow progress" with regards to Mosul and that "Suicide bombers have used explosives-laden ambulances to kill at least 21 people and wound many others in the Iraqi cities of Tikrit and Samarra."  NEWS 24 notes that the death toll rose to 25 and that least fifty people were left injured.

The bombings are being blamed on the Islamic State.

They should hope it's the Islamic State.

It would be really embarrassing for the White House if another group had arisen while the focus had been on the Islamic State.

(Especially since the focus should have been on leading Iraq towards an inclusive and representative government since it was the persecution of the Sunnis that led to the rise of ISIS to begin with.)

Moonnor27's Twitter account has been reinstated.

  1. Iraqi Refugees العوائل العراقية السنيه التي تنزح من باتجاه سوريه تقوم بحفر الارض لتحتمي من البرد بظروف مأساوية فديو مؤلم
  2. Iraqis ppl displaced from towards the Syrian border living in Tragic conditions painful

  1. Shia militias crimes تقرير ديلي تلغراف مليشات الشيعه تضع العوائل السنيه العراقية باقفاص ك دروع وتتقدم بهم للموصل
  2. This Shia militias crimes against Iraqi Sunni civilians in Iraq this militias backed by Iraqi Gov. & Iran

They silence truth tellers which is why no one ever silences War Hawk Hillary Clinton.

Her vote for the illegal war was a "mistake," she insists, because she trusted Bully Boy Bush.

Not because she failed to read the intelligence?

Not because Iraq didn't have WMD?

But because she trusted Bully Boy Bush would execute it "better" (she wanted more US troops on the ground).

It's also a "mistake" she's never felt compelled to fix.

But, as David Sirota reminds, she doesn't believe the "mistake" was all bad -- business opportunities came out of it.

  1. Hillary Clinton Pitched Iraq As 'A Business Opportunity' For US Corporations

Business opportunities is what Hillary's all about . . .

Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1 million gift while she was at State Dept (Reuters with more details)

You need a lot of money when your daughter's husband is incapable of actual work.

"The entire plan of 's hubby has been to use event for his business,”per email

Chelsea Clinton's husband used Clinton Foundation poker games to boost his hedge fund according internal allegation

Why are we surprised?

Tony Rodham, Roger Clinton -- crooks who sponged constantly.

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