Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hush, Cher, just hush

Did you catch the whining?


Gary Johnson didn't hurt anyone.

He won his votes.

(And he had a trashy running mate that went around campaigning for Hillary. I don't think Cher knows that.)

Jill Stein won her votes.

Whatever votes Hillary got, she won.

Whatever votes Donald got, he won.

That's what an election's about.

If that's too confusing, call Lori and see if she'll let you sell her hair products in another infomercial.

Oh, wait, you can't do that.

You' may have to start packing, Cher.

Because you said you'd leave the country (planet, I think it was most recently) if Trump won.

Hillary is a lousy candidate.

She might still win.

Won't change that she was lousy.

One of the worst of all time.

Even so, she could still pull it out.

Follow tonight's cliffhanger LIVE:

I'm sad that Russ Feingold didn't get re-elected to the Senate.  I like Russ, he's a solid person who actually cares about democracy and the people.

I'm not saying Ron Johnson doesn't.  I don't know Ron Johnson.  But I do know Russ and I was really hoping he'd get back in the Senate.

But he didn't.

And that's life.

I'm not going to whine about why people didn't vote for Russ or attack other candidates.

In other words, I'm not going to act like Cher's doing right now.

She really needs to calm down.

By way of contrast, those not Cher should probably be in a panic.

If you were stupid enough, as an entertainer, to do like Cher and you're not Cher, you're screwed and you did it to yourself.

Cher's core audience either goes along with her or cuts her latitude when they disagree with a roll of the eyes and a "That's Cher!"  She's earned that from years and years of a solid career.  (She deserves to be in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  That she's not goes to sexism.)

But if you're, for example, Debra Messing, a sizable part of the country hates you.  Not dislikes, actively hates you now.  And you've earned it.  And that hatred makes it a lot harder for people to justify hiring you.

Maybe next time, those of us in entertainment can remember that we're being paid to appeal to the masses and it's really hard to do that when you make one insulting remark after another aimed at sections of We The People.

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