Saturday, June 10, 2017


Some Tweets from WIKILEAKS:

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    Saudi & Qatar governments funded and gave logistical support to ISIS [ISIL] confirms Hillary Clinton email
  • The smearing of US-Brazilian journalist Glenn Greenwald []
  • Trump lawyer accuses fired FBI head James Comey of perjury over leak testimony
  • UK: £50k and teen sex: How DUP leader Arlene Foster got her job according to Hillary Clinton email from top advisor
  • UK: Top advisor told Hillary that David Cameron "recklessly" & "secretly" intervened in N. Ireland to get DUP MPs case of "hung Parliament"
  • How Wired Magazine helped to arrest Chelsea Manning and facilitate the prosecution of Julian Assange
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    Mel Goodman, author of our new book at the CIA discusses on :
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    Here CIA agent George White is separated from a prostitute and a man on acid by one glass window.
  • Georgetown Law prof: Did Comey Violate Laws In Leaking The Trump Memo? [whilst trying to put media sources in jail]
  • Pakistan's NADRA does not deny relationship with popup and vanish UK company International Identity Systems
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    Did you know is still appealing her conviction? She needs our help to challenge the Espionage Act: