Saturday, July 08, 2017

Loopholes -- gregarious kights, talking birds, wisecracking gods (The Gray Area)


Episode Four of The Gray Area, an audio drama told in interconnected stories that you can listen to for free, has just been released. This comic fantasy epic, "Loopholes," features a cast of twenty actors, gregarious knights, talking birds, giant rats, and wisecracking gods!
As a thriving empire faces war with ferocious barbarians, a mischievous scholar named Minerva hopes to bring law and civilization to a great realm populated by talking birds, giant rats, gregarious knights, elemental gods, and menacing malasanders. An unanticipated dispute among the knights gives Minerva an opportunity to uphold the doctrine of moral principles, but Minerva finds herself testing her loyalty to her aide-de-camp while helping others to learn what honor, empathy, and identity really mean. The episode stars Rori Nogee, Gerrard Lobo, Monica Ammerman, Samantha Cooper, Christopher Akpobiyeri, Rachel Baird, Sarah Golding, and a nimble cast of vivacious background players!
You can listen to "Fuel to the Fire" here. To catch up with the story so far, feel free to start at the beginning and listen to our previous four episodes.
We're also very thrilled to announce that The Gray Area was recently featured on the long-running audio drama revue series, Midnight Audio Theatre, on WCBE 90.5 FM in Columbus, Ohio. We're tremendously honored to be included among so many audio drama giants! Three of our early episodes were included in this special program. So if you're not yet familiar with us and need an introduction to our show, check out this special Gray Area episode online.
You can also follow our ongoing production process on our Instagram account, where we regularly upload foley videos and other behind-the-scenes adventures.
We also have a Twitter tie-in story that will help listeners piece together some of the larger narrative.
We can also be found on Patreon (if you'd like to help support our efforts: rewards include a new behind-the-scenes podcast called Inside the Gray Area that we recently launched, as well as access to the annotated scripts), iTunesGoogle PlayLibsynStitcher, and we have an RSS feed! And since we've received some requests from our listeners, we now have a SoundCloud page featuring all of our episodes.
Thank you for listening!
Edward Champion