Saturday, August 12, 2017

If only Obama could 'reemerge' in jail for all his war crimes . . .

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • If only Obama could "reemerge" in jail for all his war crimes in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc... And take Hillary with him.
  • The Syrian Army is making huge gains today in Jobar, the very last town in the Damascus countryside held by jihadists. Victory nears! 🇸🇾✌
  • You can run from your 33,000+ emails Hillary, but it looks like you can no longer hide! 😁
  • Great news: With Al-Qaeda defeated in Lebanon's Arsal, dozens of Syrian families are leaving refugee camps and finally returning home. 🇸🇾❤
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    Le soleil brille sur , la vierge veille sur ses habitants
  • And imagine that McCain, who's backed Al-Qaeda for years, wants the Afghanistan-scenario for Syria too. All this man knows is endless war.
  • Zero MSM coverage: Syrian Army is waging a fierce battle to free Deir Ezzor, which ISIS has beseiged for 3 years now
  • One of Aleppo's many beautiful churches. If Syria's Army hadn't freed the city from Al-Qaeda, none of these sanctities would stand today.
  • Hey Neocon Billy. You shouldn't be standing anywhere except inside a prison cell for spearheading the destruction of Iraq.
  • Wow. Ex-NSA officials say the DNC "hack" was a leak/inside job. Sorry Dems, but it wasn't "Russia, Russia, Russia".
  • Syrian Army keeps rolling! The entire Sweida-Jordan border is now free from jihadists. McCain's definitely in a corner crying somewhere. 🇸🇾
  • Putin is about to behead 14 young men for protesting!!! Oh, wait... That's just Saudi Arabia doing what it does everyday! Move along! 😁
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    Report suggesting DNC server was leaked, not hacked comes after a year of Dems/GOP idiots calling for retaliation against Russia. Shameful.
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    Anybody with a lick of common sense and doesn’t have an agenda knew this was true all along.
  • Obama bombed and destabilized more countries than Bush. Liberals: Isn't that awesome? Let's give him a holiday! 🙄
  • Warmongers United: Hawkish Clinton Democrats and Bush-era neocons team up to keep the US in a state of endless war.
  • How lovely for JK Rowling to endorse a book "written" by a 7-year old Syrian girl who wished for WW3 & whose daddy is an Al-Qaeda jihadist.
  • Afghanistan in 1972, before the CIA empowered misogynistic jihadist groups--exactly the same strategy Obama employed in Libya and Syria.