Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The need to expand VA's caregivers assistance program being discussed now

Some Tweets from Senator Patty Murray:

  • HAPPENING NOW: Sen. Murray & national veterans orgs discuss bipartisan push to expand ’ caregivers assistance program to veterans of all eras → watch live:
  • DREAMers are parents, siblings, spouses, and friends who deserve to stay with their loved ones in the only country they call home.
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    It’s time for us as elected representatives to hold ourselves to a higher standard, to set an example, and to live a set of values that is truly representative and worthy of the Congress, our democracy, and our great country.
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    Respecting women as equals and not as objects is critical. Sexual harassment, or assault, or in any way using your power to demean women cannot be tolerated. I want my colleagues, my staff, my constituents, and especially my granddaughters to know that is not acceptable.
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    For some time I have talked about returning the word respect to our language, to our actions, and to our politics. That has to start at the top. We must lead by example.
  • I’m shocked and appalled by Senator Franken’s behavior. It’s clear to me that this has been a deeply harmful, persistent problem and a clear pattern over a long period of time. It’s time for him to step aside.
  • ., four-time cancer survivor says the ACA saved her life—and she made a video to help you figure out the process so you can enroll before the deadline.
  • It’s time Republicans work with us to pass the and provide brave young people, like Jesus, the permanent solution they have earned.
  • President Trump's nominee to lead , Scott Mugno spent his career fighting against new OSHA safety rules—and led efforts to undermine OSHA’s enforcement abilities.
  • By refusing to bring the for a vote, the GOP is putting our economy at risk and young people like Lillian in Washington state are uncertain about their future.
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    President Trump has weakened health & safety protections for workers—opening the door for companies to put their employees’ lives and livelihoods at risk to maximize their profits.
  • After more than a year on the campaign trail of telling workers he would put them first, the Trump Administration has done the exact opposite—and prioritized corporations’ profits over their employees.
  • . has worked every day to implement the vision of Trump: Rolling back protections for transgender students, Revoking guidance that protects women & helps bring perpetrators of sexual assault to justice, Halting investigations into systemic discrimination.
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    This shouldn’t be a surprise. This is a President who kicked off his campaign by calling Mexicans criminals... Who called for a ban on all Muslims coming to America... Who openly ridiculed a journalist with a disability... Who has openly demeaned women... And so much more...
  • One of the most appalling ways President Trump has damaged our country is when it comes to civil rights & undermining the rights and safety of women, people of color, and people with disabilities.
  • We can no longer drag our feet while families worry if they’ll be able to get their children the care they need—it’s time for Republicans to get serious & work with us to reauthorize CHIP.
  • Republicans have gotten one step closer to passing their tax plan that would raise taxes on working people & spike health premiums. Explain again how this is supposed to help middle class families?
  • IInstead of keeping his promises to put workers first, President Trump wants to allow employers to steal tips from their workers.