Saturday, December 09, 2017

Enough with the Russian collusion already. None of these tales are credible (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

  • Was the starving or ill? I’m no climate change denier, I just want to know what I saw. If the bear starved that means there are no seals on Baffin Island. Is that true? I’m curious about the whole ecosystem. Was there a necropsy or was the body left there? I’m curious.

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    That’s because Watergate was an actual scandal. Russiagate is a sham narrative manufactured by Clintonites seeking to excuse their failures, national security hardliners desperate for an arms buildup, and vacuous corporate media hacks looking for ratings and clicks.
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    One-third of all people killed by strangers in America are killed by police. 97% of the officers are not charged with a crime, 99% are not convicted. Even in the most egregious cases the system refuses to hold police accountable:
  • American police kill 3 people every day. There were 2 more victims the day was killed. White people are collateral damage. Bringing his killer to justice might mean that black people would not be kept under control. So cop went free.
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    The world knows Israel is U.S. client state. But Trump rubbed it in everyone’s face. The whole world is offended.
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  • Enough with the Russian collusion already. None of these tales are credible.
  • The most we can expect from the electoral process is keeping hard core crackers out of office. Any other victories are negligible.
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    My latest convo with . White supremacy at home and abroad.
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