Sunday, February 25, 2018

Stay out of our state election, Canadian-bot

Actually, Audrey Regan, why don't you go away?

Who the hell are you except some spoiled bitch that was once in charge of a gallery -- one that failed and that was more about politics than art -- seriously the way the world sees Bill Clinton as an art exhibit?

Grow the f**k up, you stupid poser.

You've done nothing with your life and all the make up in the world can't cover up the fact that you look like a waxwork ghoul -- presumably whatever money you did have was plowed into plastic surgery.

And that's fine.

It's even okay for you to live in New York.

But dear, this is a California primary, so butt the hell out you lying piece of trash.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Dianne Feinstein are not the spiritual leaders for you.  At your age, they're practically your contemporaries.  Nor did they fight for you.

Strange that you can't name Canadian women.

You are still Canadian.

So why the hell are you involved in this election?

It has nothing to do with you.

Go back to Hornepayne, if they'll still have you all these years later.

Your family left, when, 1952?

Return to Canada.

No one needs you here -- just like no one needed you in Canada.

You're the parsley of America, no one needs you.

Dianne Feinstein rode Harvey Milk's assassination to fame, that's the reality.

Her unethical ways have enriched her and her husband, that's reality.

But I was going to stay out of this race.

I have far more to do and far more important things to focus on.

But how dare some Canadian-bot -- don't like it when we use the term then don't popularize it -- butt in to my state's election..

Go back to your Honreypayne, make butter from hand or whatever it is you do, if they'll have you.

Kevin de Leon is a change.

And it's way past time that we had a change.

That's before you get into the fact that Dianne will most likely be able to serve a full term if re-elected.

She's 84-years-old.  She would be 90 before her term ended.

Is that what we need in the US Senate?

I don't think so.

Special elections cost We The Taxpayer money.  It's past time that these millionaires who refuse to give up their seats started being fined when they're not able to serve their full term.

That's Kevin de Leon.  Right now, he's behind Dianne in name recognition.

We can change that.

And we damn well should.

She voted for the Iraq War.

She's failed to call for an end to it.

She spewed lies about Ed Snowden at a Senate hearing I attended and she never bothered to correct the record.

She's a known liar as fake as that wig she wears.

Right now, gun control is in the news.  So Dianne rushes to insist we need to thank her for what she helped pass . . . in 1994.

Oh, I'm sorry, did she just work one year?

Is that all she has to do, one year of work and we have to vote for her forever more?

I was going to stay out of this.  I'd hoped that de Leon would win but that, even if Dianne won, de Leon would push her to the left.

But that was before Canadian-bot Audrey thought she had a say in my state's election.

I get it, Audrey, your gallery closed in 1998 -- it lasted what, a whole year?  And you've got nothing in your life these days.  You'd think with all that time, you'd do something about your facial hair or at least your sideburns.

But whatever you decide to do next, Audrey, stay the hell out of California's election.

And that goes for anyone else who can't vote in it.

Here, I do not make endorsements for any race I cannot vote in.

It's not my business if I'm unable to vote in the election.

And, here in California, we don't need outsiders trying to tell us what to do.  I believe we're far more progressive than Canadian Audrey's adoptive state of New York.  We don't need her advice -- we have art galleries that don't go under and that actually support artists.

I get that in NY, there's a need for make work projects for the likes of Audrey, untalented and aging dilettantes who have no accomplishments to their own names.

But we really don't have that problem here.  The actor who fails at an acting career reinvents as something else and moves on.  Part of the whole westward spirit.

Dianne voted for the Iraq War and did nothing to help bring it to an end -- it continues to this day.

Barbara Boxer stood up to the Obama White House on women's issues.  If women were getting betrayed, Barbara went face to face with Barack and said "No way."

That includes Iraqi women.


Dianne was too busy.  Dianne was making excuses for the spying on Americans by their own government.

Where's Dianne fighting for the women whose 'crime' was marriage?

REUTERS notes that the Iraqi 'legal' system has sentenced 16 women to death claiming they were ISIS fighters.

Spencer Feingold and Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) note:

Several women who surrendered to Iraqi forces alongside defeated ISIS fighters have already been sentenced to death or life in prison, according to Human Rights Watch. The humanitarian organization warns that these women are receiving unfair trials due to their perceived collusion with ISIS.
"In these cases, the women are getting the harshest possible sentences for what appears to be marriage to an ISIS member or a coerced border crossing. The Iraqi courts need to redirect their priorities," Belkis Wille, a senior Iraq researcher at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement released last week.
The Iraqi court said the death sentence of the 16 Turkish women can be appealed.

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