Sunday, March 11, 2018

'Maddow terrified of peace. She might lose viewers.' (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    I’m paraphrasing but this is what Obama said to . “I’m sorry for your loss but f**k you.” In 8 years Obama DOJ only prosecuted 2 cops. The one who killed was not one of them. He is still on the force and got overtime pay for appearing in court.
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    Civilians in who have been liberated by the Syrian army are celebrating in the streets by waving the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic and calling on the terrorists in the occupied parts of the region to leave. It is time for Western media to interview those civilians.
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    This may be the best so far. Four African American amateur photographers at the March on Washington. When the New York World-Telegram & Sun published it, the headline was "Like Everyday Tourists." (Library of Congress.)
    A montage of four black and white photos. Each shows a different African American man at the 1963 March on Washington, photographing the scene with his camera.
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    Wrong on both. USA overthrew Ukraines govt in 2014. Put a nazi sympathetic govt into power in Ukraine. Crimea and Donbass rightly objected. And the west flooded syria with jihadi terrorists. Assad isn't a war criminal. The western powers interfering in syria are.

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      . joins me on to discuss the odd liberal angst over diplomacy w/ North Korea and the real record of past US efforts:
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      Visit our website to download our first dossier - on the Crisis in the Korean Peninsula, with remarkable photographs by the Brazilian photographer Rafael Stedile.
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      Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research is an international, movement-driven institution focused on stimulating intellectual debate that serves people’s aspirations. Call for research papers: Follow
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      Yes. Instead of “after receiving concerning feedback” it’s “ is whining again. Very clever.
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      takes a lot of nerve to colonize a country, make all of its citizens british subjects, and then deny that they're actually british when it comes time to treat their cancer
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      Maddow is terrified of peace because her huge paycheck comes from performing her charade for the benefit of the Establishment. What is strange is that people still think she is a 'progressive'!
    7. Dear white people, is yesterday's news. Black people don't pay attention to him until you start attacking him. Please stop. You're embarrassing yourselves. You're welcome!
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      For those who somehow consider the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] an ally in the struggle against racism, please keep in mind that the group has been sending US police chiefs to Israel for "counter-terrorism" training since 2003.
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      Anarcho-neocons who smear anti-imperialist socialists as "red-brown" may in passing claim they don't support US-NATO imperialism, but they rarely if ever criticize it—and instead spend their time using lies and dishonest guilt-by-association tactics to demonize anti-imperialists.
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      BAP's national organizer attended a historic meeting in Venezuela. Read more:

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      Mekdes Amare is a BAP member who is making the connections the Western media and Western leftists don’t.
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      Here is BAP National Organizer at a conference in Venezuela a few days ago. The international community recognizes the importance of BAP in re-organizing an anti-war and anti-imperialist movement in the United States.
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      Replying to 
      I don't think she'll lose viewers anyhow. These liberals won't leave her now. She's been atrocious already. No surprise to me she - or her ilk - would take this line. Her, Joy Reid, Olbermann, etc etc
    4. Dear everybody, Don’t forget that Trump’s parade fixation began when he saw the Bastille Day military parade in Paris. Thanks for nothing France.
    5. Saudis interfere in U.S. politics. Again.
    6. Maddow terrified of peace. She might lose viewers.
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      This is essentially a declaration by that any media outlet that gives voice to critics of interventionist foreign policy or "liberalism" will be labeled as an associate of Putinists, anti-Semites, and fascists. ]
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      13 Russians: • Had Twitter and Facebook accounts • Said Hillary is "Satan" and black people don't like her • Didn't collude with Trump campaign • Didn't affect election outcome • Opposed Trump after election In other words, Putin runs our government.
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      Why is a group of US billionaires spending millions of dollars on a weird organization that has welcomed the advent of the "New Right" in Europe and excused its flirations with anti-semitism?
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      Freedom Rider: Black Panther Movie: A Black Face in a High Place by Magaret Kimberley Fans of Black Panther call critics “haters” who don’t know how to have fun, but “the lack of political education amongst ourselves is the bigger issue here.”
    11. I don’t think it is Vladimir. But could it be Hillary? I have called her poisonous. Apparently I knew more than I realized. LOL
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      Look, I have liberal friends who are decent, loving people but who just lost their minds & ethical bearings during the Obama years. So when I tell them to be consistent they have to make link between opposition to the NRA & opposition to U.S. arms industry and war most get it.
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      The Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Jon Jeter – Danny Haiphong --A left, independent journalist concludes that corporate journalism “is neither honest nor useful and tends to be injurious more often than not.”
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      Freedom Rider: U.S. Escalates Syrian War by Margaret Kimberley – Having failed in its war of regime change in Syria, the U.S. seizes the nation’s oil fields and slaughters Syrian soldiers, confident that the U.S. public doesn’t give a damn.
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      Glen Ford: the Real Goal of RussiaGate is Prepping Us For Austerity & Endless War
    16. Nerve agent that poisoned is manufactured in the UK.