Sunday, March 22, 2020

Talking entry

Bernie and the Squad live streamed earlier this evening. 

On that, a few e-mails from community members and from those mailing the public e-mail account are upset that I did not give a heads up.

I'm not here to spoonfeed you in the best of times.  In the current times?  I'm doing what I can.  If it's not enough for you, then there's that.

Ava and I wrote our piece -- we defend the actress from LOST, we take on Whoopi Golberg's non-performance and the embarrassment of Tulsi Gabbard -- this morning.  I went to bed -- finally -- after the morning posts here went up.  I slept seven hours, got up, worked out, and I'm sure Bernie was speaking then.  I didn't know. 

We're all dealing with what we're dealing with.  I can't see out of one eye at all -- it's a cataract.  We're not removing because there are other issues -- including retinal bleeding.  I can see out of one eye and some days that one is fine.  Some days it's not fine.  If you're depending on me, I'm sorry but I'll be doing the best I can here and that's not going to be enough for you.  I'm not being sarcastic. 

When I get online, I go to GOOGLE NEWS, COMMON DREAMS and other sites, I go to Twitter feeds.  And I'm reading with one eye -- sometimes one squinted eye -- and after that one good eye gives out, I'm done with the computer.  I'm not trying to be rude or mean.  I'm not happy with what I'm able to do.  But it's nothing I can control.  I was pretty sure it was a cataract when I did the last "talking entry" which is why I threw out that I had health issues to do with my eye and why I noted that I would not be doing more than normal here (even though we're now at home and no longer on the road). 

I'm doing what I can like anyone reading this is. 

I can understand fear and frustration and I'm not going to take it personally but there's not going to be much more here than there normally is. 

Am I scared?  Sure.  I'm scared for many reasons.  I'm mainly scared for what happens to people when the government does nothing -- Nancy Pelosi, get off your ass, you should have returned to DC last week not today -- and they lose their jobs and they can't pay their bills and they lose their homes or apartments. 

As Tina sings in "One of the Living," "They always said that living would envy the dead."

That's a fear, that this is where we'll be in a few months.

Another fear -- I can't read the screen I'm typing on anymroe so ignore any typos, please --  is that this will last months.  Maybe even years.

On the phone, I keep having conversations with friends.  Some are in government.  One I spent several minutes arguing with was insisting that Trump just needed to make his own law.  You are a member of the House and you're saying that to me?

Checks and balances would be out the window. 

No, it would just be this one time.

That's not how it works.  When you erode a right even for 'just one time,' you've taken that right away.  You take away checks and balances and there was no point in the Revolutionary War because we now have a King (or Queen), not a president.

We need to be very careful in this country about what we're waiving through.  Fear should not destroy our form of government or our rights. 

I don't know what to tell you.

I had hoped to do a few notes/senetences regarding health and then add some Iraq here.  I can't do that now, I can't read out of my good eye.  It is what it is. 

Diabetes is no fun.  I can tell you that.  An e-mail asked if I was stockpiling insulin?

No.  I have two boxes of needles in the fridge.  I get a three month supply when I get my insulin.  That's all I've got.  If the insulin goes out, the e-mailer who is diabetic wondered, what then?

I'll be doing without if we're not able to fill it.  I'll increase my working out and I'll increase my water consumption and that's what everyone who is diabetic will have to do if they can't get insulin.  But that won't be enough.  I'm sure I'll survive, I'm not sure about other people and I worry about them.

There are so many issues going on and so many are suffering.  I fear the suffering will get much worse.  I try to hope that we'll get a vaccine shortly or that the coronavirus will mirror the 1918 Influenza and that spring and summer will kill it off (until next winter).  That probably won't happen but, yes, I still hope that it will go away.

I try to be a realist but I also will not be ruled by fear.  That's me.  And that doesn't mean I'm the LOST actress saying I won't self-quarantine.  It's me saying that I'm not going to support losing our rights because of the current panic. 

I think we're all struggling with the new realities (I am not struggling as much as most, I'm not concerned about money which is a whole other issue) and I think we are in this together.  I hope we can dialogue.  I hope we can work towards the way out of this. 

I do notice that Donald Trump is speaking about the issue.  I do notice that Bernie Sanders is seriously addressing it.  And, yes, I notice that the media's chosen politician Joe Biden is no where to be found. 

He wants to be the leader of this country?  But he's failing every current test.  Are we not supposed to notice that? 

Bernie's offering real leadership.  Where's Joe?  This does not make him look presidential.  One more reason he stands likely to lose if he's the choice in November opposite Joe Biden.

That's it from me.  I can't even note sites that updated because I'm really not able to see the screen, sorry.  It is what it is.