Monday, October 26, 2020

Jane Fonda and AOC ignore the 501 tax status and use Greenpeace to whore for Biden


Jane argues that the Green New Deal will bring a lot of voters to the polls.  For who, Jane?  Joe Biden isn't for the Green New Deal.  Howie Hawkins is.  Are you advising people to vote Green?  Great if you were but I think you're just whoring for Joe Biden.  In other words, what Ava and I documented in "Media: The Jane Fonda Horror Show" continues.  Jane used to be a real leader, protesting war, protesting nuclear power, protesting for women's rights.  At her age, there are not a lot of second chances.  If she died the day after the election, we'd be left with 'feminist' Jane endorsing rapist Joe Biden (I believe Tara Reade).  If she died after the election, we'd be left with 'environmental' Jane who rallied people to vote for No Green Deal Joe Biden who also states fracking will continue.  We'll be left with 'activist' Jane who once spoke out against corporations embracing Corporate Joe.  When I get to be her age, I hope I won't be scared to be honest.  In CAT BALLOU, she has a scene where she meets her childhood heroes: "We used to whisper your names when we were kids -- scared to say them out loud.  How sad, you got old."  If you can't call out Joe Biden now, you're not going to do it later.  We've all seen this dance before. Whores whore.  I'm not impressed with AOC and I'm not impressed with Jane who published a book about saving the environment in a manner that is destructive to the environment -- glossy, coated pages (like those in her book) are not biodegradable.  

I'm tired of the pretense, I'm tired of the okey-doke.  

You can't even make an argument for the environment, AOC and Jane.  You just prattle on and try to justify your selling out.  And you couch it on 'vulnerable' people.  Do you two liars not grasp what Joe did to the people in Iraq?

You're lying whores.  The Iraqi people suffer to this day and you can't even address that because you've got to whore for Joe.

Jane, you are truly a horror show and, for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed that I know you.  This is beyond embarrassing.  If Tom were alive, I think he'd be calling you out. (I know Roger would.)

They should have left partisan politics out of it.  I wonder how Greenpeace justifies this little commercial for Joe Biden considering their tax status?  I believe that the tax status (501 C) just got broken in this little stunt AOC and Jane pulled.