Tuesday, April 13, 2021

#ChannelLive #KRSOne #Marijuana Hip Hop, the Legalization of Cannabis and Its Impact on the Black Community

420 is around the corner, on this LIVE episode of RIOT STARTER TV, Hakim Green will rap with Kalonji Jama Changa about Hip Hop and the Legalization of Cannabis. Hakim Green is front man of the “true school” hip hop group Channel Live. He is an artist, manager, A&R consultant, lecturer, educator and visionary. His group Channel Live, was discovered by the legendary KRS ONE and debuted in 1994 with the platinum Hip Hop anthem “Mad Izm,” which was followed with the gold-status album “Station Identification.” Hakim stands out because of his commitment to education, activism and it's expression through entertainment. Hakim reunited with KRS ONE to re-launch the Stop the Violence Movement which has galvanized artists, educators, activists and other community leaders to collectively say, “Stop the Violence!” Hakim’s commitment is clear as he serves as host of the annual 24Hours of Peace event in New Jersey. #ChannelLive #KRSOne #Marijuana