Sunday, June 13, 2021

Schools To Erase Indigenous Children


Watch the full episode: Recently the remains of 215 indigenous children were found on the grounds of a Canadian boarding school. Lee Camp reports on the cultural genocide perpetrated against the indigenous people of North America. The deaths were part of a systematic campaign to indoctrinate the indigenous people whose land was being stolen by the US and Canada. The impacts and extent of this cultural genocide still remains a mystery that requires a significant response to fully understand and seek justice for the victims. Also in this episode: In "Taking the News from Behind" Lee Camp covers a study into the possibility of getting humans used to a mechanical thumb, and a new report showing how the rich skip out on their taxes. While Israel was making international news for brutalizing the Palestinian people there was another conflict happening behind the scenes in Israeli politics. Anders Lee looks into the governing coalition that's threatening the power of Benjamin Netanyahu and it doesn't make the Palestinian situation look any more hopeful than it has looked for decades. Naomi Karavani joins Camp in the studio for a discussion on corporate pink-washing around Pride Month, Rep. Louie Gohmert's outrageous proposition to stop climate change, Walmart's free phone program for tracking their workers, and more. ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube. They will be on the free video streaming platform “Portable TV.” All segments of Redacted Tonight will STILL be on YouTube but for the full episodes download the free app at Full episodes will still be available at ~ Watch Lee's newest Stand-Up Comedy Special for free here – ~ Our videos are heavily suppressed by YouTube and Facebook. Please help us avoid censorship by sharing this if you see fit. And join my email list by texting "REDACTED" to 33-777. It's free and quick. You can also join at