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Dear Common Ills,


With the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the biggest challenge we all face is finding ways to protect five decades of hard-fought gains for women.


Winning this historic battle means providing accurate, timely and actionable information to hundreds of thousands of activists, student, volunteers and the press.


That's what we do at Ms. We have been reporting on the battles for abortion rights since our launch 50 years ago in 1972. And for each of these 50 years, Ms. has been on the frontlines, spotlighting strategies for moving forward in the fight for full equality.


You more than most, because of your deep commitment to women’s rights and equality, will understand and appreciate the urgent nature of this e-mail. 


It's because your support is critical that we're inviting you to join a small, select group. A special and integral part of our Ms. community.


We call each other Ms. Partners. And, as the name indicates the purpose is to “partner” with and advance the essential mission of Ms. going into the critical months and years ahead.


You can make a one-time tax-deductible contribution of $50 or more (a dollar for every year Ms. has been reporting). If you give $1,000 or more, you become a Lifetime Partner and member of the Ms. Community.


Or you can join our Sustaining Partner Program by setting up a recurring gift of $10 or more each month.


Our Partners make it possible for Ms. to keep our readers informed, both in print and online at the very moment equality, women’s rights and democracy itself are under assault by the far-right hell bent on imposing their distorted beliefs on the rest of us.


Ms. started a powerful strategy in the abortion rights fight


Ms. covers the news and makes it; reports on trends and helps make them. In its 1972 debut issue, Ms. ran a bold petition in which 53 well-known U.S. women called for an end to laws prohibiting abortion and declared “We Have Had an Abortion” – despite laws in most states rendering the procedure illegal. 


The Washington Post credited the petition with the “start of a powerful strategy in the U.S. abortion rights movement: ending the secrecy that had kept many women out of the fight.”


Now in the wake of the Court's decision, we must once again demand the repeal of all laws restricting women’s reproductive freedoms. And we must finally secure the Equal Rights Amendment in the Constitution.


The final drive for the ERA


The ERA is the ultimate insurance policy – a permanent guard against the whims of the Court and of a future right-wing majority in Congress.


Ms. is closely tracking and reporting on efforts to ensure the ERA is finally added to the U.S. Constitution as the 28th Amendment. Although all the requirements set out in the Constitution for an amendment have been met, the final certification of the ERA has been blocked by Senate Republicans wielding the filibuster to prevent a vote by the Senate.  


One thing is certain. Whether we’re dealing with the overturn of Roe v. Wade by a Supreme Court stacked with Trump-appointed justices… or overcoming the final barriers to enshrining the Equal Rights Amendment in the Constitution… we simply must be prepared for what is nothing less than major battles for the survival and advancement of women’s rights.


And that’s where you and the special Ms. Partners are critical.


YOUR Role in Helping Make History


Members of this special group make it possible for Ms. magazine to provide accurate, timely and actionable information, in print, online and through our highly acclaimed podcasts.


There’s no doubt that by joining together we can meet the challenges that lie ahead in 2022. And this means being able to count on the partnership of caring, committed friends like you.


We hope you will accept this special invitation

and become a Ms. Partner today.


Ms. is far, far more than a magazine--for 50 years Ms. has played a key role in the women’s movement and stood firmly as its trusted information source. With the support of dedicated Partners like you Ms. will remain fiercely independent and on the frontlines.


Through good times and bad, we know we can count on you to help carry on the critical mission of Ms. Together we can strengthen Ms. and the feminist movement.


Reporting. Rebelling. & Truth-telling for Equality,


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Kathy Spillar
Executive Editor
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Eleanor Smeal

P.S. Your Ms. Partner contribution is tax-deductible. And as a special thank you for your support, we’ll make sure your name is printed in the Ms. Partners or Sustaining Members section of the 50th Anniversary Issue of Ms. this fall.


You won’t want to miss out on seeing your name listed along with other Ms. Partners in our 50th Anniversary Collector’s Issue. So please join us today. AND please make sure your name appears the way you want it listed in the Special 50th Anniversary edition.



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