Saturday, September 24, 2022

As Joe Biden blows off Mustafa, the western press blows off the 15-year-old Iraqi girl who may have been killed by US soldiers

At the United Nations this week, Mustafa al-Kadhimi declared, "The challenges facing Iraq today are the result of decades of political crises and conflict. We are working to dismantle them, placing our hopes on our young society’s aspiration to defend democracy. Our nascent democracy still has a spirit of courage and hope. It needs the understanding and support of the international community so that we can continue building the modern State, providing service and reconstructing infrastructure destroyed by wars and rebuilding infrastructure destroyed by wars."  The biggest challenge, of course, remains the lack of leadership in the corrupt government.  But Mustafa probably didn't wish to talk about himself.

And he was probably nursing his hurt over the fact that he traveled all the way to the United States and the President Joe Biden wouldn't even meet with him.  Was it a reflection on Mustafa's awful leadership?

On October 10, Iraq will have completed a year since early elections, without its political class being able to form a new government.

While the aim of holding those elections was to implement one of the most important conditions of the popular “October Uprising” that entered the Iraqi political discourse with this name since 2019, when it erupted on the first of October of that year, the outcomes of those elections, which came through a law New, it has not met the desire of the political class that has adopted the partisan, ethnic and sectarian “quotas” system since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime at the hands of the US invasion forces on April 9, 2003.

The results whose integrity was questioned by the losing powers resulted in the emergence of new forces, represented by the victory of a large number of independent representatives. It should be noted that the new law, which was enacted in the wake of that “uprising” that was brutally suppressed, provided more than one party, including what the Iraqi political class used to call the “third party”, the opportunity to win the individual vote and the base of the highest votes.

Iraq's Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi on Friday called for a third round of national dialogue to resolve his country’s political crisis.

Mr Al Kadhimi has served in a caretaker role since a general election last October, as Iraqi political factions continue to squabble over forming a government.

Human Lives Human Rights: A fifteen-year-old girl named Zainab Essam Al Khazali was shot by the US military on September 20 near the infamous Camp Bucca in Baghdad.

Not even a single Western media outlet reported the murder, proving once again that it’s not always about human rights.

The young student, Zainab Essam Majed Al-Khazali, was killed by a bullet during US military drills in their military base near the Abu Ghraib prison.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that they have launched an investigation into the murder, which is being described as a “random shooting.”

Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali, Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq, announced that he demands an “immediate” and “urgent” investigation into the killing of the girl, dubbing Washington’s actions “an explicit violation of the Iraqi constitution,” and a “flagrant breach of Iraqi sovereignty.”

Mainstream media, although known to exploit narratives for regime change and political influence as a soft power tactic, did not exhibit the slightest sense of human decency or empathy or even call for an investigation into the accusation of US forces carrying out inhumane killings of underage civilians in foreign land.

Rather than sanctioning its own forces for creating chaos and murdering innocents on foreign lands, the US has sanctioned Iranian moral police, in its latest adventures on big media’s fake care for women’s rights, capitalizing on the death of Mahsa Amini.

Amini, whom Western reports claim was severely beaten to death, died of heart attack in police custody. Iranian authorities provided videos as evidence of the opposite. Images of Amini in a hospital bed displayed no sign of physical violence.

Amini was never assaulted, beaten, or abused, and the proof was CCTV footage that slammed Western reports as fake and fabricated. The incident, recorded on CCTV, shows a female police officer approaching Amini and pointing at her hijab. Amini and the officer entered into a verbal disagreement, after which the officer turned around and left Amini alone.

Western media, on their part, took advantage of the narrative and propagated lies. The double standards are telling of just how humane and empathetic big media really claims to be, noting how tabloids have been ramping up Iranophobic sentiment through spreading falsehood, while ignoring Zainab’s death.

The New York Times wrote about “the death on Friday of a 22-year-old woman in Iran after she was detained by the morality police,” claiming that “morality police units arbitrarily enforce the rules, and their tactics range from verbal notices to monetary fines, to violently dragging women into vans for detention.”

In a similar tone, France 24 wrote, “A young Iranian woman is in a coma and fighting for her life after being arrested in Tehran by the Islamic republic’s morality police.”

The Guardian, MondAfrique, The World Today, and many others have also adopted that rhetoric and rushed to announce her death all for the sake of targeting Iran’s internal policies without awaiting any response from the police or official authorities or even the results of the investigation.

The West has gone as far as exploiting the death of an innocent woman all for the sake of politicizing the incident and pushing further their anti-Iran propaganda, completely turning a blind eye to the truth.

The shocking part was that Amnesty international which so called supports human rights everywhere, showed a double standard here, supporting the West policy of anti-Iran propaganda and interfering into a nation’s internal policies and failing to cover the case of Zainab Essam, who was murdered by US forces.

PRESS TV and FIRST POST also note the hypocrisy.  PRESS TV also reports:

An Iraqi legislator has demanded that the American ambassador to Baghdad Alina L. Romanowski be summoned over the killing of a teenage girl during US drills near a military camp close to Baghdad International Airport.

Ahmed Taha al-Rubaie, a lawmaker from the southern Iraqi province of Basra, called on the Baghdad government to immediately summon Romanowski, and hand her a strongly-worded note of protest over the killing of 15-year-old Zainab Essam Majed al-Khazali.

Meanwhile, the western press continues to ignore the death of Essam.

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