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2022: The Year of WTF

2022 was The Year of WTF -- one head scratching cringe moment after another. 

If you hadn't realized how bad it was by July, you just weren't paying attention, were you?

June 24th was the day America needed to start accepting reality, it was the day the Supreme Court overturned ROE V WADE (see "Today is a story of betrayal -- one long betrayal").

To this day, that remains shocking.  And the reason is because we now live under an illegitimate Court.  The Court refused to follow the rule of law.  The Court spat on precedent.  And, as Clarry Thomas made clear in his concurring opinion in DOBBS, there were hopes to also destroy marriage equality, the right to privacy in the bedroom and birth control.

It is an illegitimate Court.  The distinguished homophobe Jonathan Turley knows a few things -- for example, that FOX 'NEWS' butters his bread -- and he hits the roof when anyone notes that the Court is illegitimate.  Too bad for Turley, the Court is illegitimate.

And the American people know it.

GALLUP notes that trust in the Supreme Court has dropped 20% in the last two years.  PEW notes, "Americans’ ratings of the Supreme Court are now as negative as – and more politically polarized than – at any point in more than three decades of polling on the nation’s highest court."

 The public has lost all trust in the Court.

And that's because the Court is illegitimate.

Recently, e-mails to the public account ( insist that I have turned on Glenn Greenwald.  No, I have not.  I was never for Glenn Greenwald.  I've detested him as long as I've been aware of him.  When Ed Snowden provided him with raw data, I praised Glenn for doing some real reporting.  That didn't mean I liked him.  (As I noted when I praised him for that.)  I'm against the Iraq War.  Why would I ever like Glenn Greenwald?  He supported it, he promoted it.  The earliest mentions of him here note he's a liar.  And don't forget that, in 2008, he whored for Barack Obama.  Because he believed in Barack?  No, because he hated Hillary Clinton.  So Glenn and his hag went around whoring for Barack.  

After he broke the Snowden story, I gave him credit for that.  That was not a  lifetime credit or a hall pass with no expirtion date.  A year or so after THE INTERCEPT was created, I was noting here how they didn't release all the information Ed provided, didn't report on it, just kept it hidden away.  Doesn't sound like someone who believes in a free press, does it?  

Glenn, in 2020, did a brave thing.  Not smart, but brave.  He walked out on THE INTERCEPT.

Smart?  That would have been suing them for breach of contract.

Glenn loves to play the Star Jones card "I'm a lawyer!"  We never bought into his legal opinions  because we long ago noted he was claiming expertise in legal areas that he had none.  It worked for people who don't know the law.  Those SALON readers ate it up.  But anyone who actually knew the law also knew that Glenn was off base with his legal opinions.  I say off base.  I don't say lying there.  Others did lie.  Scott Horton was forced by his university to make choices because he was lying about his areas of expertise.  He was not a Constitutional law expert.  His university did not take kindly to his claims that he was.  Claims.  When we made our presentation to Columbia, we didn't go in with one example or two.  We knew institutions look for any reason not to take action.  We made sure that he wouldn't be able to say he misspoke once.  We provided many, many examples to demonstrate that it was a pattern of deception.  (For any who are late to the party, there's still some vodka by the bar and this is not Scott Horton of ANTIWAR.COM that we are referring to.)

Pay attention to that part, Jonathan Turley.  And worry that I may come after you next.  Because when you piss me off enough, I don't play.  

See when Melissa Lie Face Perry lied her way through 2007 and 2008, she thought she'd get away with it.  And Ava and I called her out.  But we did more than write about it.  We went to Princeton and laid out all she'd done.  How she started campaigning for Barack in 2007 yet, in 2008, was going on public radio and public TV and 'forgetting' to disclose that she was part of Barack's campaign -- as she gave 'independent' analysis on the race that always praised Barack and always tore down Hillary Clinton.  Now we didn't just say she did that.  We provided audio of her doing it, video of her doing it (if it was on TV) and transcripts regardless.  Of all the lying and whoring she did and how, although she was never telling the audience that she was working on Barack's campaign, she always managed to work in that she was a professor at Princeton.  To really drive the point home about how much damage she was doing to Princeton, we also included all the offensive remarks she made publicly about her Princeton students.  And, as the cherry on top, we included signed statements from forty parents of students who felt insulted by her public remarks.  

Yes, we made the case, we argued it and, thereby, ensured she would never get full tenure.  And she didn't and she ended up at Podunk University, Population: 250.

I turned on Jonathan Turley.  I didn't turn on Glenn.  I never liked him.  I'm glad Marcia picked Glenn for "The Most Disgusting Person of 2022." When he was stupid -- and it was stupid to fail to sue THE INTERCEPT for breach of contract -- but brave, we defended him.  And I noted many times that I was biting my tongue and why and that I wouldn't keep biting my tongue forever.  I don't like to be part of a pile on.  And I do try to be fair.  But Glenn, like Jonathan Turley, is providing cover for homophobes.

2022 was a dangerous year as the fundamentalists really went after those they disagreed with.  

No, not Tom Cruise.  They ignored his faith that says UFOs and aliens are the gods to pray to.   

Let's come back to faith in a moment.

The fundamentalists demonstrated an increase in hate and violence aimed at the LFBTQ+ population and at the Jewish population as well a people of color.   

They couldn't get down with marriage equality, for example, but they were down with Scientology and made Tom Cruise's really bad TOP GUN: MAVERICK the year's biggest hit.  It wasn't due to acting, it wasn't due to writing.  It was the aerial footage -- the same thing that allowed HELL'S ANGELS to take in $2 million in film rentals back in 1930.  No one watches the Howard Hughes film today -- for good reason.  The same fate awaits Tom's film.

(I know Tom and I don't like Tom at all.  I do like Paula Wagner so I try to tolerate Tom on her behalf.  And when Summer Redstone was trying to destroy Tom, I did defend him -- online and offline.)

The sequel to 1986's TOP GUN was only one of the many blasts from the past blowing through 2022.  

The extreme right also found their new Norma McCorvey.  In fact, they found several.

For those who don't know, Norma had an abortion.  She was the ROE of ROE V WADE.  Norma had already given two children up for adoption when she became pregnant a third time. This is what would lead to ROE V WADE though, in fact, Norma would give this baby up for adoption as well.  Norma was a psycho and the right loved her.  "I was raped!" she would announce.  Then she'd say she wasn't.  She'd say anything for publicity and attention -- she outed herself as Jane Roe as soon as the verdict was handed down by the Supreme Court.  And she then teamed up many times with the right to try to destroy ROE.

Sadly for Norma, FOX NEWS did not exist when she was building her sad name.  They do exist today and any trans person who had gender reassignment surgery and lived to regret it has FOX NEWS on speed dial.  There's the young woman who became more male like (she did not become a man at any point) at the age of 16 with her parents' blessing (because states do not allow those underage to have gender reassignment surgery on their own -- a fact that FOX NEWS and many Republicans in the House of Representatives fail to acknowledge -- the exception is Oregon where the age of consent for any surgery is 15).  

If my child wanted gender reassignment, well they're adults and it's their decision.  But if they wanted when they were teens?  It would be my responsibility to speak with them and it would be my responsibility, if we were considering going forward with surgery before they were 18, to insist that they spoke with a therapist about their decision.  And, no, I wouldn't be fine with just one session.

That's what I would do and that's what I could do because I would be the parent of an underage child. As their parent, I could also say, "Fine, let's do it right now.  Find a surgeon."  Not what I'd do but I do have those parental rights -- a fact that the anti-trans people seem to forget as they try to force their beliefs off on others while at the same time screeching "Parental rights! Parental rights!"

Now if I don't do that -- the 19-year-old who ran to FOX NEWS appears not to have had any sessions -- my underage child could and should call me out if they have 'buyer's remorse.'

Which is the other thing.  Most of us regret something we did prior to 30.  Usually, it's many things.  That's what growing up is about, learning.  It might be a tattoo, it might be driving drunk, it might be any number of things.  You need to own your mistakes, learn from them and stop pushing them off on others.

As long as FOX NEWS exists, however, these impulse buyers will always have an outlet to whine to.  "I was only 16!!!"  Or "I was a child Navy Seal!  I regret surgery and transitioning!"  Poor 56-year-old Chris Beck.  He'd only done 13 military deployments and only had 20 years in the military when he made his decision.  Didn't the doctors know he was just an immature child, just starting his life?  What a load of garbage.  A worldly, 45-year-old adult made the decision to transition and now wants to whine.

Sir, we don't have the time.

And considering how ugly you were as a girl, take the win.  

Yes, he was 40-plus woman but look at the pictures and grasp how he tried to dress like a 14-year-old girl.  Maybe that was part of his problem: He didn't want to be an adult woman, he wanted to be teenage girl.

That would explain why he told THE NEW YORK POST, "12-year-olds can't get tattoos, can't drink booze or do anything."

He's obsessed with being a girl.

It would also explain why he's wrong.

A 12-year-old can get a tattoo with a parent present, their parents can also give them booze (at a wedding or celebration or whatever.)  And 12-year-olds can do many things.  

But what does Chris Beck's 45-year-old stupidity have to do with 12-year-olds to begin with.

Answer the question we really care about, Chris, how many backseats did you make out in after the surgery?

Chris insists that "these doctors need to slow down."  Buried in his story is the reality that he never had anything snipped off.  

All Chris did was develop some very tiny boobies.  And, as a result,  we now have to suffer through his attention seeking behavior.

He tries to make like Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue sings "Kids," insisting he's "doing it for the kids," but the reality is that VA doctors who okayed his efforts aren't the doctors that kids will be seeing.

In our recent analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey, we found that the odds of being a violent hate crime victim for LGBTQ people was nine times greater than it was for cisgender and straight people from 2017 to 2019.

There were an average annual 6.6 violent hate crime victimizations per 1,000 LGBTQ people during this three year period.

In contrast, there were 0.6 violent hate crime victimizations per 1,000 cisgender and straight people.

A hate crime is an attack or threat of an attack that’s motivated by the victim’s perceived race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or religion. Or it could include someone’s association with any of the previous categories, such as an anti-Muslim hate crime committed against someone who is Sikh.

State legislators targeted gay and trans rights, while armed demonstrators threatened drag events and Pride celebrations, and children’s hospitals faced harassment organized by an anti-LGBTQ social media campaign. Politicians and influencers elevated rhetoric falsely portraying LGBTQ people as pedophiles, while school boards banned books addressing gender and sexuality.

After the shooting at Club Q, the Department of Homeland Security warned that LGBTQ people were under threat from domestic extremists. Last week, survivors of the attack testified in Congress about anti-LGBTQ violence.

Some LGBTQ people saw a positive step in the federal law protecting same-sex marriages that was signed last week. But given a broader backdrop of rising extremism and ongoing gun violence, others said this year has fractured their sense of safety. Many are grappling with a tension between protecting themselves and showing resistance; sounding the alarm and avoiding victimization; feeling fear and holding joy.

That hearing?  Yes, we know about that hearing.  We covered it throughout the community -- see the following: "Iraq snapshot," "Iraq snapshot," "Iraq snapshot,"   "Iraq snapshot,"   "Iraq snapshot," THIRD's "Editorial: Words and silences have consequences," "Those fake ass 'religious' litigants (Ava and C.I.)" and "BROS (Ava and C.I.),"   "Iraq snapshot" and  "Iraq snapshot," Ruth's "Allies are needed (House Oversight Committee)," Kat's "Respect for Marriage Act is only step one, more needed," "Cori Bush speaks some truth in Committee hearing," Trina's "LGBTQ youth need a safe nation (Dr. Jessie Pocock)," Mike's "Texas, come claim your idiot (House Oversight Committee)," Stan's "Shontel Brown, Chris Wallace, Wonder Woman" and Rebecca's "glenn greenwald wants to be the biggest bitch there is ."  

The House Oversight and Reform Committee, chaired by US House Rep Carolyn Maloney, held a hearing entitled "The Rise of Anti-LGBTQI+ Extremism and Violence in the United States."  And the biggest revelation?  It wasn't the widespread violence, it was the silence . . . of Republicans on the Committee who practiced Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law by not saying gay, who repeatedly (and defensively) insisted that they were against "all violence" but couldn't call out the attack on Club Q in November.  They were a pathetic collective of homophobes.

And it is members of Congress who have really set off this latest wave of hatred aimed at the LGBTQ! community.  As  House Rep David Cicilline (Democrat) pointed out during the hearing:

Republicans are happy to discuss our community when they're attacking our rights, when they're crying on the House floor because they oppose marriage equality or when they releasing statements attacking our community in press releases and when they release new bills targeting our community.  But when it comes to actually discussing the violence against our community and its causes?  Just a quick condemnation of what happened at Club Q and violence broadly and nothing more.  In my view, this is shameful. 

Glenn offered nothing for the LGBTQ+ community in 2022.  He was too busy trying to prove "I'm not like those other queers" to his right wing buddies like that Mother Tucker Carlson who Glenn can't stop praising and who gets more and more homophobic each day.

Mother Tucker is a strange one.  It took Jon Stewart calling him out in 2004 on CNN for Tucker to finally drop the bow tie.  The red bow tie.

The.  Red.  Bow.  Tie.

Jon didn't point it out but I will.  The red bow tie, in the US, in the 20s and 30s, was how an effeminate gay man would signal that he was one-- the red bow tie stood for "fairy."  Not a butch gay man, you understand, but what we would call a "flamer" today.

And that had been the prop of Tucker's early career.  That had been his costume.

Which is why so many of us just assumed he was on the down low.

Turns out he's effeminate -- just not gay.  

And while Jon didn't call Tucker on his red bow tie, others have.  Is that why he's so bitter?  Is that why he attacks LGBTQs so viciously today?  Or is just that he's a bitch?  Maybe it's both.

So what happened is, there's way too much violence aimed at the LGBTQ+ community and I'm not going to be silent.  Glenn did a brave thing.  I noted all along that I wasn't going to defend him forever and I noted before the brave thing and after that I didn't like him.  I know all about him now and I detest him even more.  

In THE RUSSIA HOUSE, Michelle Pfeiffer has one of my favorite film lines: "I hope you aren't being frivolous, Barley.  My life now only has room for the truth."  That's where I'm at in my bridge crossing.

I don't have the time or the desire to carry Glenn's useless ass.  

And I don't have time for 'free speech' Jonathan Turley who has no interest at all in the free speech and rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Being on the FOX payroll has corrupted him.  And I choose to stand with the ones being attacked, not their attackers.

I said we'd come back to religion.  The American extremists are just like the ones around the world.  In Iraq, it's cult leader (and killer of US troops) Moqtada al-Sadr who is attacking LGBTQs.  He's no different from Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor-Greene.  

And they hide behind religion.  More importantly, they lie about religion.  [See "Those fake ass 'religious' litigants (Ava and C.I.).].

It's a self-serve buffet for those hypocrites who pick and choose what they want to believe while claiming to be devout, so devout, in fact, that they can't follow the laws of humans.

I noted recently that I didn't get how much resentment and hate there was towards LGBTQ+ members until BROS came out.  And I meant that.  There was so much hate thrown at that movie.  

We'd always been a pro-choice site, a pro-LGBTQ+ site and a pro-peace site.  And drive-by e-mails to the public account over the years had been pretty evenly split in spitting hatred for one of those three pros.  But when I started noting BROS here and doing so every day?  Few bothered to write anymore to defend war or to defend anti-choice beliefs.  All they were interested in was expressing their hatred for LGBTQ+ persons.  At a time when there is greater acceptance then there's ever been, there's also a new backlash wave.

And members of Congress -- Republican members of Congress -- are egging it on and feeding it.

Let's drop back to that House Oversight Committee and note this exchange.

Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney:  The violence that took place at Club Q follows years of long efforts by some state lawmakers to erase LGBTQ+ people from school curriculum, limit their access to healthcare and undermine their ability to fully participate in society.  Now state lawmakers are not alone.  They're have been many actions here in Congress pushing the same kind of draconian, extremist policies.  For example, more than 30 House Republicans introduced their own version of Florida's "Don't Say Gay or Trans" law which would restrict federal funding for schools that include LGBTQ+ people in their curriculum.  I'd like to ask Ms. Robinson: How would a federal policy suppress even mentioning LGBTQ+ persons in classrooms further undermine the ability of LGBTQ+ Americans to live authentically and safely?  Ms. Robinson?

Kelley Robinson: Thank you for the question.  And it's so critically important what we teach our kids matters.  We're teaching curriculum that not only shows how important history is and what we can be in the future but also what we value, who matters, who deserves dignity and respect.  If we erase LGBTQ+ people from the curriculum, it erases a value in our lives.  As Brandon said, this is our opportunity to be better and we can do that.  And it starts with how we educate our children.  And I also want to be clear that when we allow the pieces of legislation to move forward that erase our communities, that dehumanize us, what it does is create a dangerous environment that does support and feed these seeds of hatred that exist in our world.  It's not only dangerous, it's violent to our people. 

Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney:  Thank you.  Ms. Pocock, what would a federal "Don't Say Gay or Trans" law mean for the LGBTQ+ youth navigating their communities across the country from your experience?

Jessie Pocock: Yes, you know, we worked really hard on a similar "Don't Say Gay" bill that was being proposed in our, uh, in our state and, you know, the truth is that we all need mentors and examples that we can grow into and see ourselves in.  And when our -- When we as a nation are hiding our faces or our experiences or our contributions to this nation, it really impacts young people and their ability to see others like them and their ability to learn how we've contributed to this nation.  But more than that, it's erasure and it hurts.  And so our young people tell us that what they see and hear and feel when school board members or politicians are advocating to erase them is that they feel like they don't belong.  They feel like their public schools are not for them.  And so it is so critically important that we are always cheering these young people on.  And one real simple way to do that is to give them access to folks like me and those of us on the panel who are LGBTQ and incredible human beings in this world because they can be too. They just need us to support them and show them how. 

Committee Chair Carolyn Mahoney:  Thank you.  Following the enactment of Florida's "Don't Say Gay or Trans" law, anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric on social media surged by more than 400%.  Astonishingly. Dr Meyer, what is the relationship between this surge and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and the kind of violence that took place at Club Q last month?

Dr Ilan Meyer:  I think it was mentioned already in the panel, this kind of incitement encourages people to enact what they think is righteous because of religious convictions and other types of ideologies that are portrayed on social media wrongly and clearly this is creating an environment where such violence is seen as not only acceptable but, as I said, righteous and desirable and causing LGBT people a lot of harm -- not only in the -- those of them who actually experience violence, but also everybody in the community who witnesses it,

There were many WTF moments in 2022.  As someone who was a friend of Anne Heche, for example, there were many personal WTF moments as she was on life support in the hospital and 'good people' chose to attack her for driving while on drugs.  This despite the fact that she wasn't on drugs.  See, idiots, you have to wait for toxicology.   Another friend probably took her own life a month ago, drowned in the bathtub and she had a history of drug use.  Some knew she had to have been high when she drowned.  No, a month later, it was clear that she hadn't been.

And Anne wasn't on drugs when she had the car crash. CNN:

There were no active drugs found in actress Anne Heche’s system at the time of her car crash in August, according to a Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner report released Tuesday. 
Certain drugs were detected from prior use through a urine and blood test but were determined to be inactive at the time of the accident, the coroner report states.

But didn't the jackals come out to attack her (and to attack those of us who expressed sorrow over her passing)?  A sample of comments on a YAHOO article before she was taken off life support:

11 August, 2022

Very, very sad indeed. Not expected to survive, but she was a big proponent of allowing her organs to be used for others. Hopefully others who receive her organs. if this is even possible will receive the gift of life. and live because all life is precious... Not excusing what she did because there is no excuse...

11 August, 2022
I’m so sorry for her family. Even though she brought this on herself. It’s still a shame.

Chicago 99445577
11 August, 2022
It's sad that Hecht made the choices she made, that led to the results that we've seen, but I won't offer anymore "thoughts and prayers" (as though those ever did any good) for her than I would any other random citizen who gets himself killed or gravely injured while driving under the influence

11 August, 2022
Don't drink Don't do drugs & drive. I feel bad for her son but she did this to herself. I'm glad she hurt nobody else.

11 August, 2022
She destroyed her self and someone’s property by driving under the influence. . . Nonetheless I sincerely hope her family finds peace.

She wasn't on drugs at the time of the accident.  I can only presume that these people, these hateful people, were bothered because she had so much talent and she did so much with her life.  

Kat called an hour ago and said, "I'm sorry, I need help." (She needed a soundboard for "2022 in music.")  And I said it was fine because I needed a break before I got to the part about Anne Heche.  Now I'm just trying to finish but had to go wash my face to get rid of the mascara that was all smeared.  Just writing about this has me crying.  

And, let's be real, a lot of the hate aimed at Anne while she was dying was about the fact that she 'transgressed.'  She refused to live in a closet.  She fell in love with Ellen and refused to live in a closet.  Anne lived her life the way she acted -- full out.  She was a wonderful person.

All it took was one anonymous "law enforcement source" lying to THE LOS ANGELES TIMES -- and them being happy to run with a single source -- to spread the lie that Anne was coked up and driving for the floodgates of hate to open.  And people wonder why I have so much disdain for the press.  

Just another WTF moment in a year filled with them.


Is the Green Party ever going to try to be a real political party?

I'm not talking about Howie Hawkins.  As Ann has repeatedly noted throughout the year, Howie hasn't walked away.  The 2020 presidential nominee for the party has posted at least one video a week addressing Green Party issues, at least one a week since the 2020 election.  But what does the Green Party itself do?

24.  No, not a reference to Keifer's TV show.  24 is the number of press releases that The Green Party -- national party, issued for all of 2022.  A national political party, in an election year, and they only issued 24 press releases.

I keep seeing lefty YOUTUBE shows bringing on the awful Jill Stein.  Only see one of them also bringing on Howie.  Jill?  She was a lousy nominee in 2012 and only slightly better in 2016.  That's not intended as an attack on anyone who voted for her.  It is noting that she's always been good about getting press for herself.  She's never really bothered to try to build The Green Party.  She spent the 2012 campaign defending Barack Obama from Mitt Romney's criticisms because that's what a fake ass does, right?  She'd rather play kid sister to the Democratic Party than show what a Green Party could do.  She loathed Hillary Clinton so she came out slugging against Hillary.  But Barack - who secretly sent Special Forces back into Iraq in 2012 -- was onstage (after Tim Arango reported this in THE NEW YORK TIMES) at the 2012 debates bragging about 'ending' the Iraq War.  That was fine and dandy with Jill.  And as you watch her babble on in any of her YOUTUBE appearances, you should grasp that it's all about self-promotion for her, not about building The Green Party.  

WTF?  Are the YOUTUBE hosts so stupid that they don't see that?

Maybe so.

They claim to want to build a party or a movement -- these people who wouldn't know a Bach movement from a bowel movement.

If you want to build a movement, you have to build trust.  And no one wants to be standing with a pedophile.  You keep yourself on the fringes every time you bring convicted and registered sex offender Scott Ritter on your program -- Mike picked Scotty for "Idiot of 2022." Pedophiles as guests do not make people trust you.  And, yes, your refusal to not note Ritter was sent to prison after being found guilty in a court of law and that he's now a registered sex offender may fool a few for a moment or two.  But when they find out that you hid his conviction from them?  They don't see you as honest.  They don't see you as trust worthy, they see you for the liar you are.

And Trina's "Labor story of 2022" is something we should all think about.  Here?  We noted Will Lehman's campaign to become the next president of UAW.  We also published every press release his campaign e-mailed.  And we'll continue to do so.  

But it's a series of WTF moments to look at these YOUTUBE programs and register that only WSWS ever had Will as a guest or covered his campaign.  All these left and 'left' YOUTUBE programs that pretend to care about labor and yet they never bothered to have a non-corporate candidate for UAW president on their program.

Makes you wonder who's getting money from whom?  THE UNITED NETWORK -- anyone remember them? -- an early attempt at AIR AMERICA type radio -- well the UAW had to give a lot of money to that 'network' to make sure the Will Lehmans were never covered. Lawsuits and bad business would lead to UAW owning the 'network' and renaming it I.E. AMERICAN NETWORK.  Is UAW contributing any funds to YOUTUBE podcasts?

I noted earlier how those of us who spoke out and expressed sorrow for Anne after the accident were attacked.  No one more so than Alec Baldwin.  Which brings up another WTF of 2022. Before we get there, as disclosed before, I've known Alec since the 90s and I consider him a friend.  Online?  I think Alec knows who C.I. is offline.  Not sure though.  He had an intermediary (which was only slightly insulting) e-mail the site.  I referred here once to a conversation we had about the need to stand up and not be co-opted and referred specifically to Jane Alexander's weak ass moves that were destroying the NEA and I'm pretty sure that reference gave it away to him. 

But Alec.  WTF?  BREAKING POINTS and other YOUTUBE programs going after him?  As though he wanted to kill Halyna Hutchins?  It was a prop gun.  If you've ever been on a set where guns were used in the scenes, you know the guns get played around with.  As the deaths of Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee long ago made clear, we need better protocols.  I don't touch them between scenes and I don't take roles where I have to touch them in a scene.

And before someone starts typing their e-mail that will no doubt open with some lovely greeting like, "You gun control bitch!"  No.  I'm not an NRA member and never will be.  But if we want to practice gun control, lets disarm the police first.  I don't own a gun and wouldn't.  But Elaine's talked about when I was involved with a left revolutionary years ago and there were guns all over my home.  Elaine would be over visiting and she'd reach for a catalogue under the couch and there would be a gun.  She'd go to the bathroom and try to get a fresh folded towel and find a gun underneath it.  They were all over the house.  I understood why he had guns -- no, not for going hunting -- and I do understand that some people feel persecuted and need guns to feel safe.  I'm not that way but I do understand it.  

I do not understand going after Alec.  Do you really think Alec woke up and decided, "You know, people like me for my work on WILL & GRACE and 30 ROCK and my impersonation of Donald Trump and my dramatic acting like in GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS but I think they'd love me even more if I killed someone.  Yeah, that would really help my career."?  

It was a tragic accident and while questions certainly need to be asked, you YOUTUBERS weren't doing a damn thing except attacking Alec and doing so repeatedly.  WTF?

You couldn't cover Iraq or any issue that mattered like the violent attacks on LGBTQ+ people, but you could spend days (plural) attacking Alec Baldwin.  What pride you must take in what you insist is your work.  None of you have even bothered to cover  Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa Salim (WASHINGTON POST) important report about the raids (kidnappings) Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi was carrying out and how these people were then tortured and at least one died.  And the US government knew about it.  I'm sorry "your work"?  If it was actual work, I think you would be covering what was taking place in Iraq.  It's not work.  It's just chatty gab, a coffee clatch reach-around posing as a news program.

And it's just one more WTF in a year of so many of them.


Note, Isaiah's comic is ready to go.  But he wants it to wait until this evening.  It's worth waiting for, it's another in his series of THE PEW comics starring hate merchants Tulsi Gabbard, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

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  • 2009: The Year of Living Sickly
  • 2008: The Year of Living Hormonally

  • 2007: The Year of Living Useless

  • 2006: The Year of Living Dumbly

  • The Common Ills Year in Review 2005

    The Common Ills Year in Review


    Community year-in-review pieces:  Cedric's "They really believe this," Ann's "Trump and his snowball chance in hell," Wally's "THIS JUST IN! 1 MORE WTF MOMENT!" and Betty's "I'm guessing Elvis Presley wasn't available?," Ann's "Worst films of 2022" and Stan's "10 Worst films of 2022," Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "THE PEW loses it," "2022: The Year of WTF," Kat's "2022 in music," Ruth's "Ruth's Report: Networks and Streaming," Martha and Shirley's "2022 in Books (Martha & Shirley)," Stan's "2022 in film (Ann and Stan)" and Ann's "2022 in film (Ann and Stan)Trina's "Labor story of 2022," Mike's "Idiot of 2022," Marcia's "The Most Disgusting Person of 2022" and Elaine's "What album am I looking forward to most in 2023?."