Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Manny named Brian

Can someone explain to us please what Candy Perfume Boy is doing to the community?
We (Ava and C.I.) do not believe that The Common Ills was built up from scratch so that Brian Montopoli could wave his love wand, magic though it may be, and turn community members into love slaves.  (We could be wrong.)  So why does it appear that Candy Perfume Boy is doing just that?
Natalie writes Friday to say:  I'm way too old for him, but I can't help myself he's so sexy in his e-mails.  Twenty years younger and I'd haunt the Columbia campus!
Natalie, please take a cold shower!
But sadly, Natalie is not alone.  There seems to be a creeping affection sneaking its way through the community for one Brian Montopoli and how it started is the question of some debate.
We e-mailed Maria, one of the first to become infected and fall under the shadow of his love wand.
Maria:  You know, I thought he'd be so different.  But he wrote and wrote and he wrote.  He gives good e-mail!
We just bet he does.  And we're doubting he learned that in any class room.
It sometimes seems like a goodly section of the community put on their Sinatra's Swingin' Session and started singing along with "You Do Something To Me" (Cole Porter):
Let me live 'neath your spell
Do do that voodoo that you do so well
'cause you do somethin' to me
Nobody else could do

Candy Perfume Boy, you are tearing the community apart!  (Or at least causing it to defocus.)  Your suberfuge is sneaky.  But we've got your story down pat.
He was working his way through some poli sci 'zines
When the freelance thing felt like something you do in your teens
What was he do?  Where was he to go?
He was out on his fanny (exhale, Natalie!)
So backpack over one shoulder, he headed to CJR
He was there to post but some members saw more
He had style
He had bed hair
He was there
That's how he became The Manny
Who would've guessed that the candy perfume boy we've described
Was just exactly what the doctor prescribed
Now Maria finds him appealing, watch out Natalie!
It's not really him, it's just a screen shot from the TV!
He's the boy strutting in briefs when everybody else is wearing jeans
The blushing boy from Redwood City, The Manny named Brian.
And yes, for members who've been e-mailing, now that the election is over the blog additions are going to be made and yes, we'll be adding Brian Montopoli's site. (We'd say visit at your own risk -- due to the infection noted above, not a commentary on the writing -- but we know the usual procedure -- one person grabs the site and copies and pastes Gina and Krista did a humorous job discussing that in their regular round-robin Friday.)
The e-mail address for this site is
(Note:  "The Manny" is obviously a reworking of the lyrics, slight reworking, to the theme to The Nanny -- "The Nanny Named Fran" -- which was written by Ann Hampton Calloway.  Natalie and Maria saw the text to this before it went up and approved their inclusion.  Lynda e-mailed the photo.)