Friday, July 08, 2005

Where in the world is Amy Goodman? San Rafael, CA 7/16; Chicago 7/23; NYC 7/24

* Amy Goodman in

San Rafael, CA:
Sat, July 16
In Conversation with Amy Goodman, a benefit for KRCB
CenterStage at the Osher Marin JCC
200 N. San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Tickets: $25 public/ $20 JCC and KRCB members/ $12.50 students.
Reserved seating.
To purchase tickets, call the box office at 415.444.8000 or
Discounts can only be recognized through the Osher Marin boxoffice.
For more information, visit

Amy Goodman in
Chicago, IL:
Sat, July 23
12:30-2 PM
ILCA's 50th Anniversary Convention
Chicago City Centre Holiday Inn
300 East Ohio Street
To register for this conference, visit

Amy Goodman in
New York, NY:
Sun, July 24
2:30 PM
Books at the Piera benefit for Books Through Bars
Panel discussion: "The Media, Incarceration and Public Policy - Is There A Connection?"
Frying Pan/Pier 63
New York City
For directions, visit
For more information, call: 888-999-6761

Who is Amy Goodman? The host (with Juan Gonzalez) of Democracy Now!

Democracy Now?

An hour long independent news show.

Democracy Now! airs on over 350 radio and TV stations, including Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite TV stations (DISH network: Free Speech TV ch. 9415 and Link TV ch. 9410; DIRECTV: Link TV ch. 375); on the World Radio Network's European Service and on the Community Broacasting Association of Australia service; as a "podcast", automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio player; and streams live M-F at 8am EST.
Now real-time CLOSED CAPTIONED on TV!
You can also view/listen/read all Democracy Now! shows online:
To bring Democracy Now! to your community, go to:

And remember, Democracy Now! now does their headlines in English and in Spanish. You can read or listen to either at the web site. You can also e-mail them to friends in either language.
Maria's doing the selection again this week of Democracy Now! Headlines. (That will be the last entry for tonight but it's there in the e-mail inbox so it will go up.)

Maria and Miguel have both made strong points when they've done these weekly entries. If you enjoy Democracy Now! (and community members do), wouldn't you want to share it with someone? And if you know someone who speaks Spanish, wouldn't you want to pass this on to them? Democracy Now! is the favorite broadcast of this community so obviously it means a great deal to members. If I get caught up in something else and forget to note Amy Goodman's appearances, I hear about it in e-mails. Not just from people who are in the area Goodman will be speaking in, but from members who feel that it's important to note each date of the Un-embed the Media Tour. It is important, I agree. And keep reminding me because I can forget even if things aren't crazy on this end. (And thanks to Brad for reminding me this time.) But if the show means that much to you (and it does), make a point to pass on the headlines to someone.

"Okay, I've got a friend who does speak Spanish. But s/he doesn't have a computer." Does s/he visit you? It's ten minutes to listen one day's Headlines. Pull her/him over to the computer and explain that the show's added a new feature and you were wondering what they thought of it. Then pull up the text or pull up the audio. You just let one other person know about it. (Yes, I do that myself on weekends. Or I wouldn't suggest it.)

Do you know someone who teaches? Pass it on. Even if s/he doesn't teach ESL or bilingual or Spanish. And, by the way, I forgot about Spanish teachers. I was discussing this with a friend and she reminded me of a friend we have who is a college Spanish teacher. He's offered it as a tool to students interested saying listen to it Spanish and read along in English.

Or maybe you took Spanish in school or college but haven't been using it? You can use the feature to brush up on your skills. So can others. (You could probably, if you applied yourself, even learn some Spanish via the new feature.)

But if you've filled you've informed everyone or anyone you could, try to think this weekend and figure out if there's one more person you can pass the news on about this feature too. Even if someone's who doesn't speak Spanish because the more people aware of Democracy Now! the better.

When Maria, Miguel or Francisco highlight a headline, that's their pick. Maybe you want to do what they're doing in an e-mail to a friend. You can copy it or create your own if you feel there was a headline that you would have included instead.

What does word of mouth do? Well note this:

New stations broadcasting DN!
Vancouver, WA: FVTV, Channel 11 now airing DN 5 a.m., M-F with replays onThursday and Saturday evening at 7 pm
Omaha, NE: WOQ/Omaha Independent Radio, AM 980 now airing DN M-F 4pm
Boston, MA: Boston Neighborhood Network TV now airing DN M-F 8 am
Portland, OR: KBOO 90.7 FM now airing DN M-F 11 am

And looking at the above, I think of Mike because he's in the Boston area. He listens on the radio and his family has a satellite dish, but I can still ask, "Do you know about this Boston Neighborhood Network TV offering?"

From the intereview The Third Estate Sunday Review did with Mike:

And you're a fan of Democracy Now!
Right. That's a great show. I usually listen to it. It comes on WBZC at noon and if I know I'm going to miss it, I may tape it. But I can also catch it on TV because we have dish. They tell the truth on that show.

Does Mike already know about it? He may. If so, that only means he may say, "Yes, I know about that. Hey, did you see the thing they did this week on . . ."

If you read Ruth's Morning Edition Report this morning, you saw the following:

Tracey asked her if she had watched or listened to Democracy Now! and Christy replied that she wasn't aware of it. Which led to Bill explaining the show but admitting that he doesn't have the time to tune in now."I'm working two jobs and my wife is using flex time to put in some hours on the weekend," he explained. I get home and try to spend time with them."
[. . .]
Angela offered online sources and Democracy Now! as her main sources for the news.

That's getting the word out. Unlike Nightly News or Larry King Live, Democracy Now! doesn't take out full page ads in the New York Times. It depends on word of mouth from people the show matters to so make some time this weekend to find a way to get the word out in some way (the new Spanish feature, a story you saw, whatever) to one person. You love the show, you count on it. Maybe you don't have money to donate but you are able to help get the word out.

And on donating, Erika brought up a point that needs to be made and I'm sorry I never noted it before. Are you someone who enjoys Noam Chomsky or Alice Walker or Gore Vidal or Naomi Klein or whomever? Go to The Democracy Now! store and you can purchase a copy of a show (fifteen dollars for a CD copy, thirty dollars for a videotape or DVD copy). Not sure if one of your favorites has been on? Use the search option. Maybe you know someone who has every book Howard Zinn's published and you're stuck thinking of a gift to get someone who has all things Zinn? How about an interview with him? Or the reading done Monday of A People's History of the United States. Is there a folk music fan you're trying to find a gift for? Search "Joan Baez."
Democracy Now! did a full hour with Baez for a Christmas episode. (2003, I think. Use the search engine.) Ani DiFranco fans, use the search engine. (And not just to buy, but to utilize the great resource that is the archives.) I'm not remembering Joan Baez singing on the show (I could be wrong) but I know Ani performed. Katrina vanden Heuvel, Robert Fisk, Matthew Rothschild, Angela Y. Davis, Gloria Steinem, Dahr Jamail, Christian Parenti, voices that speak to members of this communnity can usually be found on Democracy Now! Ues the archives to enjoy something you missed or someone you wanted to see again. And use the store for a gift for someone (maybe yourself) if you're looking for a gift.

(And if there's a voice that speaks to you who hasn't been on, visit the show's main page and make a suggestion via the contact option.)

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