Thursday, July 07, 2005


For those wondering, we have heard from four of our UK members thus far. Pru reports that the bombings have been "confusing" and filled with confusing reports that alternate from moment to the next. Gareth notes that there is concern that opposition to the ID program may go out the window in the face of this morning's events.

For those who haven't heard yet, "'Multiple explosions' hit London" from The Independent appears to be the strongest overview offered thus far:

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said there had been at least six explosions, but said the picture was still "very confused".
There was no official death toll but survivors of blasts at Edgware Road station and between Aldgate and Liverpool Street reported seeing piles of bodies.Police at the scene of the bus blast also said several people had died.
The Prime Minister was preparing to make a live televised statement on the explosions, Downing Street saidThe blasts were initially blamed on a power surge but it soon became clear that it was a co-ordinated terrorist attack on the capital.

Also see "Passenger tells of terror on the Tube" from The Independent. I had planned to steer to some things offered by BuzzFlash this morning but when I heard the news on the radio, immediately started going through the e-mails. If you're a UK member, please check in today.

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