Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bully Boy blusters badly

"So long as I'm the President, we will stay, we will fight, and we will win the war on terror."

The above is the Bully Boy blustering (and you can read more, listen or watch via Democracy Now!'s "Bush Rejects Calls for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq as Approval Rating Plummets to New Low"). I didn't comment on this (Democracy Now!'s story aired Thursday morning) because I thought it was rather obvious. But I'm on the phone with my friend of "Walk on," fame and being asked to comment on it. The friend had earlier asked that we note the "dove" reference here -- when the man in Crawford fired off his gun and made the comment that he was getting ready for dove hunting season. I felt that was obvious (Camp Casey represents the "doves" -- peace) but my friend's telling me that "no one" dealt with that. (I'm finding that hard to believe but we'll move on before the bickering reaches a new high.)

The Bully Boy is not king. The American people have turned against the war (demonstrated in repeated polls). But on Wednesday he issued his royal edict that as long as he was, apparently, king, we'll continue this invasion/occupation.

This needs to be commented on and hopefully it has been. (I don't have time to surf the web.) We are in charge in this country. We may abdicate that responsibility, but the Bully Boy works for us, not the other way around.

While he blusters and bullies, it bears noting that he's saying the people be damned, he'll do what he wants. Like a pouty pre-teen, hairbrush in hand, standing before the bathroom mirror, Bully Boy angrily mouths the words to Janet Jackson's "Control:"

Control, ooh ooh
Now I've got a lot, ooh
To get what I want, ow!
I'm never gonna stop
Now I'm all grown up, ooh!

He (and the nation and the world) wishes he acted like he was "all grown up."

("Control" written by James Harris III, Terry Lewis and Janet Jackson and available on the Janet Jackson album of the same name.)

There is no "war on terror." Like "war on poverty" or "war on drugs" it's a phoney slogan we're supposed to rally behind. (How about a "war on stupidity?" I could support that.) Bully Boy's slogan, like everything else about him, is misguided (at best). His attempts to again tie 9/11 in with Iraq are insulting (most Americans finally wised up) but the sheer joy with which he voices the fact that he just doesn't care what American citizens want (may soon be demanding?) (some already are) does need remarking upon. (And I'm sure my friend is wrong and it's been noted many times already in many other places.)

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