Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Stop Ignoring 9/11 And The Project For A New American Century" (TV News Lies)

George e-mails to ask if we could note Jesse's "STOP IGNORING 9/11 AND THE PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" (TV News Lies):

Unless the events of 9/11 are discussed openly and without apprehension, nothing else is real. When the people who benefited the most from the events of 9/11 were the very people responsible for preventing them, something is wrong. Since these people had ability to prevent, permit or conduct the events themselves, their collective and individual responses to the events must be examined and analyzed to the last detail. Anything less would be cowardice.
Even a rookie detective will tell you that motive and means are the keys to identifying suspects in a crime. The self-proclaimed goals of the
Project for a New American Century (PNAC) clearly establish a more realistic and plausible motive to create a "new Pearl Harbor" than can be attributed to any Islamic extremist. As a matter of fact, the events of 9/11 were perhaps the most counterproductive factors in the history of Islamic progress. They resulted in an overwhelming backlash against the many Islamic people around the world.
Contrast the two motives. For the
neocons in PNAC, 9/11 was a dream come true. Their dormant agenda now had an excuse for being implemented. On the other hand, the motive attributed to terrorists for the events of 9/11 was the laughable "they hate our freedom,” ostensibly stemming from the teachings of Islam. In truth, such acts would have violated the teachings of their religion and exponentially added a heavy burden to the daily life of every Muslim. This is not to say that there were no Al Qaeda types involved in the events of 9/11. It merely raises unanswered questions about what Al Qaeda really is and with whom their members work. And if they were actually involved in the events, what were the real reasons for their actions? Their motives, not those attributed to them, have to become part of the public discourse.
THE RESPONSE TO 9/11: We discuss
the Iraq war as if the plans to invade Iraq were suddenly thought of on 9/11. We do the same with the Patriot Act. We do the same with the war in Afghanistan. We do the same for the continual assault on our Constitution. We do the same for the unprecedented rise in government secrecy (which actually started prior to 9/11, with Cheney's secret energy policy meetings). As a matter of fact, the administration is doing just about anything it wants, in secret, using the excuse of 9/11. This unlimited power is a dream come true for the PNAC cabal. The media constantly repeat the neocon mantra that 9/11 justifies all of this unchecked power. Nothing can be further from the truth.
9/11 is not the reason the Bush/PNAC agenda took shape, it is the excuse for its implementation. It was not a response to the events of 9/11. It was waiting in the wings for an event like 9/11 to breath life into it much like the bolts of lightening that brought life to the Frankenstein monster.

We can note it. And anytime someone sees something by Jesse to note, please e-mail in. TV News Lies is a strong site and one that was added to our links this month.

I don't know what to say about 9/11. Members who've written have been told they can share their thoughts but I don't have anything to say myself. I don't believe the 9/11 Commission Report (they failed to deal with Sibel Edmonds' charges among others). Obviously when you have the same-sex testimony of Bully Boy & Cheney (they're for same-sex testimony, just against same-sex marriage) you've got a problem.

I didn't expect anything from the commission and still they managed to disappoint. With the exception of the attacks on Jamie Gorelick and the so-called "wall," I really didn't have that much to say during the public hearings. J-Ass wanted to play the nation for fools. A FISA warrent would have been granted if it had been requested. Gorelick didn't invent "the wall," she didn't build "the wall," and there were always ways to get around the wall. A better question is not what Gorelick did or didn't do with the so-called "wall" but why J-Ass and his department didn't request a FISA warrent.

With regards to 9/11, I don't know what happened. By not answering questions and having a truly independent commission (with no ties to the administration) begin hearings immediately, the administration begged for speculation. They have only themselves to blame for that.

They also lied (Air Force One wasn't threatened! . . . Uh, no, we were wrong) and lied often. This administration seems to wake up and start lying before they've even brushed their teeth. That's their apparent second nature. Whether the lies this time were to cover up something along the lines of involvement or complicity or just their standard paying of using "double meanings," I don't know. And if people don't like the speculation, take it up with an administration that stonewalled. Or a commission that largely played footsie with the people they were supposed to be interrogating. They invited speculation.

Jesse does good work at TV News Lies. If he's willing to take on this mammoth project of attempting to determine what happened, more power to him and we'll always spotlight him if a member sends it in. ("If a member sends it in" because I often don't have time for anything online other than writing these entries and reading the e-mails.)

If you see something of his that you want shared, e-mail and note it. (Whether it's on 9/11 or any other topic.)