Sunday, October 16, 2005

FYI entry

Just FYI entry.

1) Ruth's not planning to post this weekend. I thought I'd noted that but I must not have (my apologies). WBAI and KPFA (among others) are in pledge drive mode and there wasn't a great deal of regular programming to review.

2) There may or may not be a rundown of the Times. Ty's already covered the Miller issue (which Ty says is a huge portion of the paper). And it's been reposted right before this entry.

3) As you'll see in the repost (or at The Third Estate Sunday Review), some people feel this site has been ripped off by someone that Martha, Maria, Elaine and Zach have noted in the gina & krista round-robin appears to "borrow" frequently from this site. As a result, it's been very hard to get an edition out at The Third Estate Sunday Review. (We're on a break right now.)
I'll be working with them and this may be the only entry up here (other than Isaiah's latest) until this evening.

4) I haven't read the article. I don't intend to. Possibly it was just synchronicity. That's very likely. If the person did rip us off, well it's always good to have a reader. And, in my tired state, if I can leave the high road for a moment, they read us, I, for one, don't read them.

I think that covers everything.

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