Saturday, October 22, 2005

Air America Radio today: Kate Clinton, Laurie David, Jim Hightower, Joan Wile (Grandmothers Aginst the War), Kyle Jason trips back to 1964 and more

The Air America Radio schedule for today. (New content only.) Mia asks to remind everyone that Betsy Rosenberg's Ecotalk has been moved to Saturdays. (Rosenberg's show used to pop up early Sunday mornings with repeats as a lead in and repeats following Ecotalk. Though still surrounded by repeats, it's on Saturdays and airs at an hour that Mia hopes will encourage others to check it out. I enjoy Rosenberg's show but it aired previously during the last frantic hours helping The Third Estate Sunday Review with their edition. So if I had the radio on, I wasn't listening closely. What I would do, and what anyone can do with any Air America program, is go to Air America Place and listen to it later in the week. Air America Place archives the programming and you can listen free of charge. That's how I grab The Laura Flanders Show when I've missed something either Saturday or Sunday.)

Marcia wants it noted ("in big letters") that KATE CLINTON IS ON THE LAURA FLANDERS SHOW TONIGHT. Kate Clinton contributes regularly to The Progressive ("and she's funny even though the letters page seems to indicate every other time someone's got their panties in a wad or their briefs in a bunch because they missed her joke"). Marcus wants it noted that he never heard of the Cowboy Junkies until last Saturday when he heard them on the third hour of Flander's show. He enjoyed the interview and he enjoyed the songs they played. He says everyone should check out their new album Early 21st Century Blues.

Saturdays Noon-1PM EST
With Wilma taking aim at the Florida coast and the hurricane center quickly running out of names we'll speak with global warming guru
Ross Gelbspan about "Katrina's True Name". The author, journalist and lecturer tells us why we should prepare for more extreme weather. We'll also be chatting with Laurie David, eco-activist and wife of Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David. Laurie discusses why she's so enthusiastic about curbing global warming as is Steve Cochran, with Environmental Defense's Undo It campaign. We'll also hear why a change in the climate is impacting trout habitat in Montana - and what it means to you - from NRDC's George Black.

Ring of Fire
America's favorite populist and our favorite Texas-watcher
Jim Hightower joins Mike to talk about the indictments of Tom DeLay - which Jim predicted years ago - and Democratic leaders' curiously pale response of to the GOP's current woes.
Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, talks with Bobby about the administration's failure to prepare for the feared flu pandemic and what comes next for hurricane Katrina victims. Dr. Redlener has been providing care in the Gulf Coast region through Operation Assist, a mobile medical service which he founded with singer Paul Simon.
Equal time for the medical profession: Mike welcomes Ring listener
Dr. James Dillard, a professor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, who took issue with recent comments on the show about medical malpractice.
The Pap Attack: The Vast Right-Wing Inheritance Babies

The Laura Flanders Show
Scoundrels vs. Servants...Who's serving the public? MoveOn PAC campaign director Ben Brandzel on
stopping federal budget cuts. Joan Wile of NYC's Grandmothers Against the War on her arrest this week, Yogin Ricardo Singh of Black Veterans for Social Justice on what returning GI's need and Harold Hubschman on a Massachusetts campaign to call National Guard troops home. Then, performer-commentator Kate Clinton on her disappointment at not being nominated for the Supreme Court.

The Kyle Jason Show
10PM - Midnight
This Saturday, tune in to The Kyle Jason Show for another installment of Nostalgia Night, as Kyle and his crew take you back to
1964! A watershed year for the civil rights movement, 1964 was also the year that Nelson Mandela went to prison, the year The Beatles invaded America, the year cigarettes officially stopped putting hair on your chest, and the year Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali...right after he put a hurt on big Sonny Liston. Kyle will be exploring those stories as well as assorted trivia from the year, plus the hits of 1964, courtesy of The Supremes, Louis Armstrong, The Kinks, The Drifters, Dean Martin, Dionne Warwick, and much, much more. Be sure to jump on our blog to share your thoughts and memories of 1964 with your fellow listeners! Sit back, relax, and let The Kyle Jason Show end a long week the right way, each and every Saturday night, only on Air America Radio.

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