Saturday, October 22, 2005

General notes

There weren't any entries last night. Which had ???, Eli, Billy and Sarah wondering if the computer problems were continuing? No the UK Computer Gurus took care of that. I focused on e-mails and, honestly, wanted some sleep.

Last weekend, I pulled an all nighter on Friday and on Saturday. I grabbed eight hours last night in case anything similar happens this weekend. My apologies for anyone who wondered.

Susan wants to know what I'm listening to? Right now, I'm pretty much just listening to Bright Eyes. Partly because I enjoy the music but also because I'm too lazy to change the discs. (I've got five Bright Eyes albums in the CD player.) She also asks that I pass on the request to others.
(I have via e-mails. It was too early to call anyone when I got up this morning and started working on posts.)

Mike, Rebecca and Elaine posted last night. Cedric will post today. He had a date and called yesterday concerned that people would wonder if he didn't post. I told him he didn't need to worry and then decided to follow my own advice after three hours of reading e-mails last night.
Elaine's always "off" on Thursdays. Trina e-mailed asking about that. She does group on Thursdays and that will last for a few months. With all the sites (ten) that are up now, I really don't think anyone needs to worry if they miss a day of posting because there are certainly enough sites for members to find something to read. (I also justified my decision not to post last night with the fact that we already have three entries at The Common Ills yesterday.)

Lloyd wanted to know where the Sunday Chat & Chew entry was? It's not being done. Howard Dean's on ABC's This Week. Tim Russert has a panel on Plamegate (Frank Rich is the high point and not just because of the dreary factor of the other two) but will Tim talk? Doubtful. So watch Meet the Silence on Meet the Press if you're so inclined. I wasn't in the mood, honestly, to do one this weekend. (I didn't get much sleep Thursday night, which was another reason I grabbed sleep last night.)

There will be other entries after this one. Maria's doing the rundown of important headlines from Democracy Now! and Ruth has a new Ruth's Morning Edition Report as a result of all the e-mails that came in saying basically, "Pledge drive or not, please . . ." I'll be copying and pasting those; however, I'm also grabbing breakfast this morning for a change (moving a little slower this morning) so expect those to go up slowly. (Copying and pasting isn't a problem, but the spacing does have to be fixed. In addition Dallas is already hunting down links for Ruth's entry.) (Thank you, Dallas. And thank you to Maria and Ruth.)

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