Sunday, March 25, 2007

NYT: "47 Are Killed in Iraq Bombings, 20 in Baghdad" (Kirk Semple)

The New York Times offers only one Iraq story in their news section. It's by Kirk Semple and it's entitled "47 Are Killed in Iraq Bombings, 20 in Baghdad:"

A suicide bomber driving a truck carrying explosives hidden under construction materials on Saturday was waved through a chekpoint at a heavily fortified police compound in southern Baghdad, where he detonated his payload, killing at least 20 people, an Interior Ministry official said.
The attack was the deadliest of a wave of suicide bombings around Iraq on Saturday that killed at least 47 people, many of them policemen, the authorities said.

Question: What figure is he going with for Hilla? It appears to be one less than even what the police gave out. (They gave out the lowest number.)

It's a basic, meat and potatoes report and that's not a complaint. It's not dull, it's written in a straight foward manner with none of the 'flourishes' that continue to pop up in the paper as supposed hard news writer strive for feature writing. You can read it without guilt or feeling insulted.

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