Friday, November 28, 2008

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Some 9,000 people protested in Baghdad's Shi'ite slum of Sadr City after Friday prayers, burning a U.S. flag and holding banners reading "No, no to the agreement". About 2,500 people held a similar rally in the southern city of Basra.
"I express my condolences to the Iraqi people on this grave occasion, in which they are harmed by the ... pact of shame and degradation," Sadr, whose militia has fought U.S. troops many times, said in a statement read to followers on his behalf.

That's from Wisam Mohammed's "Thousands of Iraqis protest US security pact" (Reuters) and no, not everyone's on the crack high over the treaty that Alissa J. is. AP adds, "Al-Sadr's statement calls for "peaceful public protests" and the display of black banners as a sign of mourning. But it doesn't repeat his threat to unleash militia fighters to attack U.S. forces if they don't leave immediately."

Meanwhile the BBC counts 9 dead and fifteen wounded in a bombing on a Baghdad mosque today -- a 'suicide' bombing which puts the death count at ten.

In print, Katherine Zoepf and Riyadh Mohammed offer "Amnesty Plan In Iraq Draws 18 Insurgents" in this morning's New York Times and appear to believe the story is that 18 women (the first women) have utilized the program; somehow the fact that the US is requiring loyalty oaths of all applicants flies right over the reporters heads. Loyalty oaths. The applicants must "sign a statement saying that they will be loyal to the Iraqi government and that they will participate in the political process". The government? Senators Joe Biden and Russ Feingold -- among many others -- have publicly noted that there is no government in Iraq, only a side that the US shored up and installed. What did the US teach Iraqis about 'democracy'? Loyalty Oaths! is today's chirpy answer.

For those who have forgotten, lazy ass Barack -- who is spineless -- made a point to showboat and hop on Hillary's resolution regarding the treaty with Iraq needing Congressional approval. That was then. The Corporatist War Hawk got installed and it all changed. Once upon a time, it was no treaty without Senate approval -- which is what the Constitution requires. These days? He just shuts his mouth and plays Ultimate Coward. Laugh as Deborah Haynes (Times of London) shares this today:

His transition team will now be poring over every word of the document to see what it will mean for those soldiers who may remain in Iraq for up to three years after the expiry of the UN mandate on December 31. Mr Obama, a lawyer, will be anxious to see that American troops remaining in the country do not fall foul of Iraqi or international law.

The treaty was apparently a 'present' vote for Barack. He's not sure how he would have voted on the 2002 Iraq War authorization, but Americans should be. He's yet again made it clear: He can't stand up. He is the Ultimate Coward. Staying with Puss In Boots, Miley notes Murphy's "Message to the Base: You’ve been HAD!" (PUMA PAC):

As you probably know, a team of Puma PAC volunteers has been poring over the obama campaign finance reports looking for glaring discrepancies. Since late last week they have found over $320,000 worth of donations that are over the $4,600 limit and many obviously bogus identities, including one from a person named E. Z., occupation Blogger.
One person in Florida donated $20,600 as an individual. Wow.
And then there’s Kathie O’Dwyer, also of Florida, who must have been experiencing Paroxysms of Obamadoration on June 11th. When the kool-aid high was all over, she woke up with $5,900 hangover.

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